Stoned off two hits after 1 month break

Discussion in 'General' started by iloveskywalkerog, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. So I haven't smoked for a month because of a job. After the drug test a week later yesterday my friend had invited me over because he got his hands on some GOOOD DANk anyway I took 2 hits from a spoon and was stoned off my ass for 2 hours it was wavvy and trippy but I was just wondering is this normal considering the fact that before I had to take about 3 hits to get buzzed
  2. Yea that's normal bro I have gone months and get ripped off one hit when I come back.

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  3. I've gotten ripped off of one hit, with a tolerance. It's lovely

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  4. Ha ha fuckin light w8 pussy
  5. Yeah man i hadnt smoked for over a month. A buddy lit me up today and had a bowl

    Boy i was blazzed. Felt great. Packed some snow in the bong to chill it :D

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  6. No shit it's normal! Haha they're called tolerance breaks. It's when you stop smoking weed and your weed tolerance goes down so when you smoke again you get blown! I'm on one right now 8 days in :)
  7. Same here. I only smoke a couple of times a year now. I took one hit off a pipe a couple weeks ago and was high for over 2 hours.
    However, when I have the house alone for a full weekend, I am still able to smoke over a gram a day in the vape.
  8. thats about right... the longer you are on break the higher you'll get when ya come back...
  9. I've been an on and off toker for the last year and I get super blazed off a couple medium sized hits out of my pipe.

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