Stoned Off My Azz (Amnesia Smoke Out)

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  1. What the fuck is up Grasscity?

    Before I start posting my thread, I must warn that it come`s with a:
    1. I Do Not give a F*$# if I make a typo, run on sentence, or misworded, I am beyond stoned.
    2. If you think this post is going to to be Epic, you are wrong. Please press that "back button" on your browser.
    3. My "Real Life Story" is going to be replayed the way I did it, until how I ended up here.
    4. This story may or may not be Fictional or Non-Fictional, it may be up the the reader to decide.

    So, henceforth to my story... It all started earlier today when I got off early from work. I saw my girl cleaning the house and she said she was cleaning all day (like a good girl) and I felt bad for her. So, I had to have some crazy sex to cool some steam off from her. Keep in mind I was listening to Rick Ross - Everyday Husstlin'
    [ame=]YouTube - Rick Ross - Everyday I'm Hustlin[/ame]

    So two minutes pass by and we decided to relax. And what`s not a better way to relax than to lightin` up? I got some new Amnesia Weed [​IMG] the other day and we decided to pack a nice bowl.

    I took a nice loooong rip :smoke::bongin::bongin:

    I was now in heaven. The Euphoric feeling came within 2 minute`s of smoking and made my head feel melted a little like this music video: [ame=]YouTube - 'Candles On The Cake' - 12 Stone Toddler[/ame]

    After about 30 min`s I wanted to calm a little down, I proceeded to listening to [ame=]YouTube - Relaxation music[/ame]

    may I add is the best relaxation music. After listening to the song, I was hungry and what a better way to calm my stomach is eating a banana. Look how sweet it is @ the Wikipedia page here. Read under the Fruit section. I personally think that Banana is a gift from God. It`s made for food as well as beverage`s!

    After zoning out on the Banana page for 15 minute`s, I decided to share my story with Grasscity!:gc_rocks:

    I am now about to watch this video:

    [ame=]YouTube - Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)[/ame]
  2. lost interest when you said "it may be fictional or non fictional"

    I'm over deciding if its real or not lol good thing theres a disclaimer.

    I need a guarenteed 100% real lol
  3. What i character... :eek:

    Next Mark Twain?

    I dont think so. :yummy:

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