Stoned Mother Makes 6-Year Old Drive.

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    Have you guys seen this? Damn the media, just massacring any chances we have at getting this re legalized. :mad:

    Since she wasn't behind the wheel, they didn't condone toxicology tests. So how the hell do they know she was smoking marijuana and not fvcked up on something else?
  2. Crack also smells bad. But, no it's gotta be that murder weed.
  3. The footage itself doesn't say anything about marijuana, just "the smelly stuff", which could really be any number of things that fuck you up.
  4. Yeah it's not really pointing any fingers towards weed. She could have been smoking a cig. A little girl is going to call that smelly stuff too.
  5. Based on the mugshot I'd say she was nodding.

    It didn't say shit about weed, you can smoke pretty much all drugs, there's just a few that are destroyed by heat or might have low bioviability, but even they work, like salvia has low inhaled bioviability.
  6. Haha, they showed this on my local news today. I know one of the anchors and he says they always try to find stupid ass shit that people do so they can laugh at it. They do laugh too lol.

  7. I have to agree with another person that said "it looks like she was nodding." Most definitely. Maybe she was smoking heroin?

    She didn't look stoned. She looked like she was nodding something fierce though!
  8. yeah, i'm not sure what she was on, but opies would be a good guess.
  9. They asked a six year old what she was doing? Foreal?
    Say anything in a cute voice and theyll say yes.
    *sweet voice* Are you a retarded little cunt with one eye?
    Jess mista offica.

    She was probly barred the fuck out.
  10. I know it didn't say anything about weed, but the title was "Stoned Mother..." and they kinda hinted towards it when interviewing the cop. I think the media chose their words carefully because anyone who sees the article will think marijuana specifically.
  11. Yea I agree that they were trying to make weed look bad without actually saying weed..

    Most of the sheep who watch this shit don't know about bars, opiates etc... The only thing they are familiar with is weed and they will assume she was high on marijuana because of their ignorance....

    The reason the media didn't come out and say marijuana is because they knew people like us would hand their asses to them on a silver platter.....
  12. Well said brotha
  13. Bitch looks cracked out in her photo.
  14. Haha yeah.
  15. wow people like this should be not allowed to have kids, from the looks of it id say crack is the culprit
  16. HAHAHAHA @ that pic.
  17. Obviously an unfit mother if she can't keep her "habits" and parenting seperate.
    And "smelly stuff" doesn't mean it's weed. It could be anything from Salvia to crack. This is just another reason for the government to prohibit recreational marijauana use.

    It's stupid people like this why marijuana isn't legal yet.
  18. i've never seen anyone look like that, even when they're blazed the fuck out of their head. if she was high from smoking pot, fuck her for making it look bad.
  19. Really..?

    Now I have never smoked crack, but I know a few people, and even people that fucking cracked out have some sense. Granted not much... but really? What the fuck?
  20. yeah rofl i agree.. haha shes retarded as fuck

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