stoned laundry tip ;)

Discussion in 'General' started by 4back55, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. what up guys, just blazin before the utes homecoming game and was thinking: I can't remember names and sure as fuck lose track of time stoned. So i always put my laundry in at 3:20pm/ and being stoned if you can you'll always naturally spark up a 4:20 and you know you gotta get your laundry. dank on
  2. You gonna be at the game man?
  3. fucked up and forgot to get tickets man
  4. That sucks bout the tickets man
  5. Damn dude that sucks! Glad I get in for free, or else I'd probably be in the same boat haha
  6. lol this is really good idea, i honestly can't track of the times ive left my clothes in the laundry, gone back to my dorm room, completely forgot about it, done something else for 7 hours, wonder why i have no clothes, remember i left them in the dryer, go to the basement, and find my clothes gathering lint on the ground
  7. well i fucked up with MUSS, and forgot to get my free ticket monday. Airforce i'll be at for sure.
  8. Haha MUSS kicks ass man. I was in it all 4 years of undergrad. Didn't sign up this year because I didn't think I'd have too many opportunities to go to games

  9. fuck ye! i love the mUSS!
    but this is my second year at the U, i'm going into journalism.
    What'd you major in?

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