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"stoned" food

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by potheadnpothole, Feb 19, 2002.

  1. ok sorry if this thread is a lil wierd ...but hey im stoned..sue me! teehee.... Oh well tonight i got really wasted, and came home to a church party of hers (my mother...come on im only 17). I went in and grabbed a platter of fruit, and some frut dip. That shit was heavenly was the best food i ever had stoned. I just wanted to knwo eveybody's favorite stoned food....come on be interesting......

  2. That's one of the many things cool about Token'..........ordinary and sometimes REALLY ODD things become sooooo delicious!!!HaHa.....last night I really mawed down on chocolate milk & salt&vinegar potatoe chips!! Then couldn't understand why I had heartburn!!
  3. im a fan of chocolate chip cookies and peanutbutter. =) Anything that I can have for an extended period of time, not too filling but not waif either. Choco Chip cookies is working for me. Sometmes caramel popcorn is kool =)


  4. OOOOHhhhhhhh, it just hit me, that's why they call it a "pot Belly":)
  5. HaHaHaHeHeHe........420girlie, ya must be able to see me through ya monitor.........hope the "pot"belly isn't relative to the pot intake or I'm in SERIOUS trouble!!!!LMAO!!
  6. I think I ate about A pan of Brownies this weekend. That was the only thing we had to eat besides top ramen. :) I didn't mind, two of my favorite foods :)
  7. Yummmmmmmm.....brownies & ramen, sounds like a delicious combo 2 me (course I'm Blazed again!). They say ya can tell a stoner by what their buying at the quik-stop store......They're the one with the candy bar,chips,jerky,and beer at 3am. Sounds like somebody saw me!!!!!
  8. Right now I'm eating Toscano bread W/ butter and roasted garlic on it :) Oh yeah and Barbeque potato chips
  9. O...M...G...LMFAO!!! I'm mawing on cold pizza(NO FREAKIN" ANCHOVIES!!!)...left over valentines chocolate...and a code red dew................wanna share? Just wish I could pass ya a Toke dahlin'!!
  10. I don't mind sharing. I wish you could pass me a toke too. I had to pinch a BT off of a bud I found in the garage :( I love cold pizza, but I wont eat it unless I pick everything off so it's just bread and sauce :)
  11. i knwo what you mean about raiding the local quicke-mart. If it wasnt for me and my friends buying chips, and other snacks that bastard would be outta business. Stange food stanrgest that i have made when i was stoned was a peanut butter, mustard, and tomato sandwich...dont laugh...that shit was good. latta ya'll!! **I WANNA TALK TO SAMSON!!!!!**

  12. ewwww@ peanut butter, mustard, and tomato

    I like....ummm let me think

    ham and cheese hot pockets....mmmmmmm

    green tea.. mmm mmmm

    the best thing I ever had was

    gram crackers...honey...peanut butter...marshmello.....and invention..lmao

    but yeah it's great

    top ramen yummy too..:)
  13. me and my friend have this invention we call Honeyhill snack. You take a package of ramen noodles..crush it up inside the package...when they are nicely crushed up..dump in the flavoring.....then shake well..its an awesome dry food mix while too!!

  14. yeah I do that to when I don't have access to a microwave..

    but cmon..peanut butter mustard and tomato?? LOL

    but yeah that is a great idea whoever started it..

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  15. ever had a peanutbutter sandwich w/ powdered sugar and chocolate syrup?
  16. Bet that PB&M&T samich didn't taste near as good straight!!!YUK! But when your stoned, ANYTHING is samich material!!

  17. omg....that is a must..I need to try it....first I'm gonna try it with butter instead of choco know when you have french toast..and you have melted butter then you add powdered sugar, and it turns to this buttery sweet liquidy paste....MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    I'm gonna try that first..then the choco syrup...thanks for the suggestion 420girlie..


    (going to make one now....LOL)
  18. I always liked all of those things separately so one day I was like what the hell and I threw 'em in a sandwich :)

    hope you enjoy it
  19. Sweeeeeeeeeet I bet!
  20. I'd have to say mac and cheese. Its so good!!!!!! but we always have Apple pie here cause i bake 1 a week, so those are definetly my favorite

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