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stoned eyes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HashPipe, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. Ive been smoking for a while and i was just wondering.... My eyes dont get very red when im really really stoned, they never have gotten really red, they barely even turn red, if not at all. Does this mean i dont have as many brain cells as other people have to burn? why do your eyes turn anyway, i never really knew and was wondering one stoned day.

  2. hahhah this is funny.....but no thats not true, smoking bud doesnt kill brain cells any way

    the red eyes depends on the person and the type of bud...and its usually like begginer smokers. my eyes almost never get red now
  3. actuall no one know why they turn red some think it is pressure on the veins in the eyes but its nothing a little clear eyes cant help
  4. I havnt needed visine for my red eyes in about 2 years...and Ive always thought they got red cuz they got dry...mine used to get dry after I smoked anyway...kinda like my mouth.
  5. i been smoking for a long,long time,and myeyes get red every time i burn.
    Its dif. on some people

  6. Dont ya just love the red look when walking in a store?
  7. yea man all my buds and i went to mac d's stoned as hell and the people were like those lazy stoners

  8. those dumb fucks. fast food is worse than weed, and it dosn;t even get you stoned.

    edit: post #1090, like the hairstyle!!!

  9. everything is all wrong here...

    this is the only one rule Ive preached by due to the factual information out. the eye is directly linked to the brain like the adrenal gland is linked to your finger nails. in comparison, its pretty much why when you got a rush in any sort whether it be, nervousness, excitedness, or anxiety good or bad, people bite their nails. in other words, red eye, youre killing something..nothing that wasnt on its way out anyway (aka a drink (or in our case here) is good for you) but very red eye is something you should consider as damaging. Id look into that...possibly very hard..into the mirror. twice. daily.
  10. red eyes are weird, but i think it's cause when you smoke pot, it dehydrates the body. you get the cottons, and red eyes - the two wettest parts of the body.

    my bf gets red eyes from the smell of i joint, i swear. lol :D he's been smoking for 15+ years, so i don't know what that tells ya. i rarely get red eye - ever. maybe if it's really late and i'm really stoned. i always worry that my eyes are red, but no. lucky me, eh? lol :D
  11. Your eyes get red because cannabis does something with your blood vessels and makes your eyes all dry and red, it's a nice eyes sometimes get red, most time actually, depends what i smoke, if i smoke the bong or pipe my eyes get red but with a joint they don't get red at all, but if i eat the lovely herb then i get competly stoned and really red eyes.
  12. whoever tells you red eye is a sign of damage is wrong. you get red eyes because the blood vessels in your eyes get dialated or widen from the thc. kind of like the bronchioles in your lungs get dialated. thats the reason thc is good for asthma. its the opposite of cigarettes, which contstrict your blood vessels and your bronchioles.

    so basically:
    its not a bad thing so don worry about it.
  13. Lmao whoever said that bud doesnt kill brain cells was a LIAR. But hey, it wouldnt be fun if it didnt lol. The redness of your eyes has nothing to do with the amount of brain cells you have =/

  14. uhmm?? i wasnt aware that it did, care to explain?
  15. when i first started smoking my eyes used to never get red....then i went through a stage where they became like basicly pure red for they only get red sometimes when i have really good bud

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