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  1. is one main reason hps is so good is because its so hot that it creates a lot of humidity that tell the plant to make more resin thusforth making the plant more potent. not just the lumens?
  2. No, it's the light spectrum (or color temperature). Red-orange. That is what is needed for the flowering cycle. It's actually not so good for veg but will work. HPS is better if you are only getting a single light because MH's blue spectrum is definitely not right for flowering (and if you're not gonna flower right why grow?). Best is to have MH for veg and HPS for flower because each has the light spectrum needed each stage.
  3. LOL. ok but I heard that humidity is needed to tell the plant to make more resin and you certainly can't get it with a few fluoros. right?
  4. humidity does not come from light... humidity is the amount of moisture in the air. you need to smoke a little less.
  5. im not 100% bout this, but its another stoned thought,
    If the light is hotter, woundnt it reduce the humidity.?.? Since the light is really hot, wont it heat up all the moisture in the air and turn it to vapor or something??
  6. Definatly, if there is a hot element in the room, i.e. an HPS light, it is going to keep the room dry. Thus low humidity.
  7. Unless you live in a desert or so humidity shouldnt be a problem.

    The plant will evaporate water if it can drain it from the soil.
    If your box is nice and warm your plant will either evaporate water so the humidity in the box will be good easily.
    Also the soil will damp off some water which helps too.

    Just think of how many kilos/pounds or liters of water you trow at your plant compared to how much plant mass is gained. Plant mass is about 70% water.

    I'd guess at least 90% of the water simply flies out of your exhaust fan.

    You'd should very likely be more concerned about things like fungus because of too much humidity then the other way around.
  8. i couldve sworn i read somewhere that humidity is what makes the plant produce more resin. ed rosenthal..? could that have anything to do with anything
  9. god damn you are not the brightest crayon in the crayon box.
  10. no kidding.......:smoking:
  11. i generally thought to avoid high humidity during flowe, to keep from loosing crop to moldy bud :(
  12. OMG take a damn green house/botany class!

    yes turning the h2o into vape will move it, but not rid it of the grow area. thats where ventilation cames into play.
    cannabis is know to like dry climates. humidity is mostlikely to hurt the production of resin glands.
  13. i would think that increasing your humidity would hinder yield.
  14. Am I the only person who actually read about plants? Big fat leaves are grown as a result of high humidity because it's harder for the plant to get moisture out of its leaves. Less humidity equals sometimes thinner leaves but mainly more resing because that is how the plant holds the moisture in for longer since the environment is so dry. Basically high humidity during flowering = mold and non-humid evironment = more resin.
  15. use desiccant pellets!!!! 3rd time??? anybody there!!! :D

    lowers humidity, /.\ lowers temp by reducing humidity ;)

    is rechargeable & cheap as fk.

    & doesn't use lecky, is 100% silent & available without restriction.

    I shit now for throwing tons of this shit away in the past - sackfulls.

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