stoned bout to watch narnia

Discussion in 'General' started by Ars moriendi, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. anyone seen this film baked yet? so far the music is pretty relaxing
  2. Chronicles of Narnia? Nah, i havent seen it, i want to tho, lemme know what you think about it, reccommended stoner movie
  3. paused to pack my steamroller and smoke out my cat and hamster

    so far it's pretty fucking good

    anyone who likes classical with a dash of trippy shit and brit accents will like it
  4. i read all the narnia books, pretty good story line

    have not gotten around to seein the movie though, its on my to do list
  5. Sweet, i cant wait til i get my new comp and monitor:D, finally gettin a flat.:)
  6. nice man, i like flat screen 100000000000X more than regular...cannot stand that curve
  7. Ha, yeah i cant wait, the first thing im getting is WoW, ive always wanted it, but my compts only a shitty ass 501mhz with 384ram, haha NEW AGE here i come.
  8. I'm watching it on a DLP projector with the lights out dts sound 5.1 with 2 subs bumping

    man on fire is a blast with this setup
  9. That'll be my next thing, the 5.1 1000watt system :)
  10. can i come over???? :D

    that setup sounds sick!!!
  11. a Projecter eh? thats pretty sweet..dunno tho my bro has a
    big screen 60' with mad surround sound..hes never turnd it up pass half way and it shakes the house...any louder..cops would be calld for sure lol ...watchd Narnia the other night...for a Pg movie not mucha disney fan..but for what it was *never read the books or seen the old movie*
    I Liked it, fight scene was decent for a pg movie.

    Constantine..thats a good movie..
  12. just watched Constantine tonight on HBO, good shit
  13. I just finished burning V for Vendetta and Ice Age 2 so those are my "baked" movies for a while :D

  14. I watched the chronicles movie ripped, infact we smoke prolly 10 blunts that night, and it was also the night that me and two others decided to drag a cold keg into the room we passed out in, so I don't really remember any of it lol. College was crazy....
  15. I read the book a while ago. I should check out the movie
  16. I ended up taking a bunch of smoke breaks which went downhill to the point of visual plugins with a side of dxm

    I've made it like 30 minutes and have rewatched those 30 twice so
  17. i have it downloaded on my comp ill watch it sooner or later

    ur in for a good 1...this movie is excellent man i guarantee u'll love it.. especially baked
  19. I've seen the first 30 minutes almost 3 times so far...

    keep getting distracted or stoned senseless but I can't get enough of the girls

    both are like a weird english sort of plain thats cute at the same time

    I love the music so far ...alot very nice

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