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stoned at work

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FAT TOKES, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. just curious how many of you go to work always stoned, and what do you do for work? i used to work at a furniture store and i ran the store alone usually and id hotbox it in my car for an hour b4 work and only old ppl shopped there..shit was hilarious being around geezers while baked.... eventually got fired for it...
  2. I'm always paranoid that people are judging me, I get a lot more tired and time just moves extremely slow.

    I'd rather do it after work so i can relax.

  3. Same here.

    I just lose my motivation to do anything and it ends up making the whole thing even shittier i think. Plus the faster i get through my stuff, the faster i can get out of there. So being stoned and all slow and out of it isn't how i wanna feel.

    For work, adderall is my friend. Work on adderall is like steroids for sports.
  4. MJ makes me motivated.

    I dislike doing anything unless I am stoned...especially work.
  5. When I did work I always went stoned. Being stoned just makes everything better for me. Working is no exception.
  6. Just lost my job. :/

    Well I worked for a major retailer in HR so it was hard to work high because I would have to deal with people all day and I have to share my office with one other, with management constantly coming in, walking by etc. I'd usually go home to blaze on my lunchbreak during one of my evening shifts though, since not much would go on back in my office, and I would just file...

    It was awesome when I was a department manager though. Walking up and down the grocery asiles with my Telxon, performing price changes and checking on-hands, for some reason this was insanely fun while high.
  7. I work in IT and I've done it for like a week straight once. It was so much fun. Talk about extremely focused. I love IT so it was cool. Just make sure you use some eye drops if you see people on a regular basis, and obviously don't act like an idiot. Also, I wouldn't recommend it if you haven't smoked in a while.

    Wake & bake, then shower, breakfast.. after all of that, you'll swear you're a morning person and go into work all happy and shit. It's sweet.
  8. I used to go every day with eyedrops, but that was some stupid job in a call centre so i would just screw around on phones to randoms all day. If you value your job don't go to work stoned, if you don't then whats to lose?

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