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stoned at work!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by vmfedor, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Here's a shout-out to all my bros and gal-pals that are currently high off their ass at work. It's fucking awesome to work at a place that gives NO drug tests and gives me my own private cubicle, AND internet access! I can't be happier right now because I am fucking STONED, drinking some Capri-Sun, and eat'n some Starbursts. If I ever get around to working, I think that'll be awesome, too. :)

    Peace and love!
  2. Where do you work? lol i may join you!

    by the way... working the grill at McDonald's while stoned is not a good idea... :p
  3. working the fuckin mcdonalds grill period is no good, hahaha.. fuck multinationals
  4. ^ fuck not working, i need that company!
  5. I work at Burger King, and I made the mistake of smoking two huge bowls before work, my first day. Sure I started on a slow day, but I didn't remember jack shit.

    I'm getting the fuck out of there though. It's too fast paced for a guy who doesn't give a fuck. :)

    Hopefully niacin and my lack of pot can get me the job at Wal-mart.
  6. i was baked all day today at work, and yesterday too. cub foods sucks ass.
  7. I find it better to stay sober for work because you get all paranoid and the day tends to slow down and drag on but after work i can make a spliff and just relax and i can appreciate it much more then if i was just baked all day.
  8. i agree with weedboss its proally a better idea not to blaze while workin but i know i usually get blazed atleast once a day at bout 90% of the time, it defintally does make my work day go slower and sometimes i get paranoid is i have to go into a metting or something but when everyone you hang out at work are pot heads its almost impossible to avoid getting high while at work.

  9. Well said WB!!!!
  10. i usually smoke before i got to work ever time. i work at kroger and me and a friend of mine smoke on our breaks all the time. its no big deal....bagging groceries is a fuckin drag but when i smoke...its not so bad. =/
  11. i worked at mcdonalds for 3 straight years while i was in high school. Seen some really interesting stuff too lol, worked the grill almost the whole time, i burned myself a couple times but wasnt high during them, we even got high in the freezer a couple times lol
  12. my owrk dosnt drug test, good thing, i wish i could smoke, but its too fast paced round there, hard all hell as it is now, it could be cause in still kinda new and dont know everything bout everything, but god damn... pretty hard... tonight was pretty hard, worked from 4 to 11:30, pulled a muscle round 6 and it was hell from then on, lifting even just my arm hurt like a bitch.. good thing i have a hot tub.. and marijuana!!!!!o.. I DO!! brb :hello:
  13. i work at a camp and just clean up and pick up garbage from punk kids in the woods. my hookup works there too, so it's a stoner friendly place to work. it's so awesome to be high wandering in the forest.
  14. lol all my friends that got jobs go to work high... and get high at work.. sometimes i stop buy to blaze up a bowl with them...
  15. I have about two bong rips befor work ,just to wake my ass up.
    After work is another story.
  16. I don't toke AT work out of respect for my family I'm working for. But right before and after is a different story. I love my job.. It's a monitoring company which means I'm only here in case something happens, which normally doesn't. That means the majority of my 8 hours per night is spent on this website, and watching movies. :D
  17. I haven't smoked at work, but a lot of my coworkers do. I try to limit it to once a day...after work.
  18. i work the nights as a dispatcher for a security/alarm company so i blaze my brains out
    funny thihng is though i hook the management up with the dank

    mad chronic love
    easy bongin

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  19. nice golfball size high
    you know what im sayin

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