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Stoned at the Cinema

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jakepriestley, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Yo, so me and my bud have got a joint left, and we have decided to save it until we go cinema (obviosuly with some girls) anyway, have any of you ever been to the movies baked? Is it any fun ??
  2. Is Star Trek still in Theatres? Great movie stoned.
  3. Ha, good thinking, that will be sick to see stoned lol. Bet popcorn is awesome for munchies..
  4. Is smoking fun? Are movies fun? Der...
  5. my rules for activities when you are high
    1. do you enjoy it sober?
    2. how much energy does it require
    3.if it is strenuous stick to a sativa
    4. for low energy activities (such as a movie) indicas are good

    then again these are just my own personal taste

    but yes, movies are good, are the girls you gonna be with gonna be high cause if not better to just leave them home

    edit: are you really bringing girls to go see star trek.....
  6. it gets really hard to concentrate on a movie sometimes, cuz u'll be wondering off and noticing every little detail, and making a big deal out of it.. But ya, its fun.. Make sure u get food before the movie starts though
  7. Movies are awesome.
  8. If your smoking mids, don't smoke too much or you'll just fall asleep mid-movie, i used to do that all the time
  9. Its amazing, I saw coraline or however you spell it in 3d, and my bloody valentine baked, it was pretty epic if you ask me. Also the new underworld wasn't too shabby.
  10. yeah its fun. just watched the Hangover Blitzed, very funny sober i would guess, but absolutly fucking funny whilst under cannabis' magic spell
  11. Yeah, my friends and I never have anything to do, so we always end up at the movies.

    I saw Star Trek, Terminator Salvation, and UP in 3D all baked. UP was DEFINITELY the best- especially in 3D. Check it out.
  12. I saw Slumdog Millionaire stoned. Great experience. The colors were amazing, and the whole time I kept on thinking to myself that it was the greatest movie ever. My contacts were dried, so that made the experience a little shitty. But I highly suggest it.
  13. This last week I saw my first movie high.....And had to do it 2 more times.

    Go see UP, LAND OF THE LOST (AMAZING!!), or The Hangover. S'great, I love it!
  14. definatly on my to do list,
    Comedy film at the Cinema, plus LOADS of popcorn, sweets, juice! would be ace!:p:D

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