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  1. Share your best stories of getting caught, messing up, or acting like a retard.

  2. 4am: alarm goes off. Wake up, slip 2 hits of acid under tongue. Fall asleep
    5:30am: wake up, shower, go to school, and try not to get expelled/in too much trouble while tripping nuts lol
  3. Smoked three bowls before school once (pinchies, mind you, but potent ones)...
    best lunch ever. :smoke:
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    Well, since I JUST posted in another thread about this, I'll just C&P since it applies here as well...Not really caught or anything, but fun and memorable, nonetheless.
    My 7th grade Art Teacher used to hotbox his Chevy S-10 during class. He'd just tell us to work on whatever project he wanted and walk out the side door (Side door from the room directly accessed a parking lot area that only a few faculty members used). He'd usually be out there for 5-15 minutes and come back in. Everyone in my group, including myself, figured out pretty quickly what he was doing. Anyway, after noticing a few times, my buddies and I decided to "go check on him". Most of my friends and I got to smoke with him a few times during that class throughout the semester(or whatever it was back then, can't remember, haha). The guy was a cooky as fawk hippie, but a generally nice dude. The smoking made the class much more enjoyable and he'd just get zonked out and spin pottery for an hour and not say a word usually. LOL.
  5. ^^ too funny
  6. Hahaha love it pie Romania! In the last month or so before exams of my final year (last year) it was spring and nice and sunny outside. A couple of times a friend and I left at lunch and skipped the classes afterwards to go smoke joints by the river and outside one of the churches (we went to a catholic school :S haha). We also visited an abandoned factory and an abandoned house in the town. Fun times were had in the few final weeks :)
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    Honestly, now that this has been brought up, I must find out where he's currently living and give him a call to see how life's treating him and to inform him that he made school enjoyable and worth going to every day. Had it not been for him, I might have just dropped out, but instead kept going even though most of what I was "learning" was simple shit I already knew. Thanks for reminding me of people in this world who have made a positive difference in my life OP.

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