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Stoned at a buffet

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by YourPerception, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Me and my friend smoked up before going to this Chinese buffet around my town, and payed $6 bucks each. These people had to be so pissed off at us when we left...let's just say we probably made them lose money. Munchies is a bitch :smoke:. What's some of your stoned experiences of going to a buffet?
  2. I thought this thread had a lot of potential for a cool story, but now I'm let down....
  3. I went to a buffet with my whole family on New Years Day. Let's just say they ran out of plates...
  4. Shit happens.
  5. Me n my freind went to a chinease place. After 7 full plates i got kicked out ):
  6. "You Godzilla long time!!"
  7. Golden Corral is the Mother Fucking Shit. That is all.

  8. Fuck yeah! Bring on the steaks!
  9. I've never been to a buffet while high.. Have to try that for sure!
  10. bruh.. i swear im not following you..

    damn new post! lol.

    you dont know what youre missin bruh.

    im tryna hit up that all you can eat sushi again.

    mmm.. got me droolin just thinkin about it.
  11. $6 for a damn buffet?

    Where do you live?

  12. Yeah, I for one could cause some negative profit losses at a sushi buffet. Assuming they have specialty rolls of course, otherwise I'll have to eat a balls load of salmon nigiri
  13. i dont care for buffets.. the foods always so cheap and shitty. and the morbidly obese people stuffing their faces always kills my appetite.. id rather cook when im stoned.. way more fun :)
  14. Indianapolis. Lunch buffets are usually always cheap. :)
  15. one time in highschool me and my buddy blazed up and went to a chinese buffet. the check comes and we dont have enough money so we just bounce without paying hahahaha. one of the best meals of my life
  16. yessir, buffets all day when stoned. my buddy and i do work when we get smacked and hit up the chinese buffet in town.

    its great to look across the table, mid bite and look at your friends, sly grin and low red eyes :hello:

    im sure i look the same vise versa :D

    but yeah afterwards i feel like im going to die because im so stuffed.

  17. oh hell yea bruh.

    im all over them special rolls.

    i was able to ask the chefs anything.

    gotta love sushi bruh. salmon is just mmmmm.. delicious.

    omfg.. all this talk.. im hungry..
  18. yeah... thats hillaarrrious..
    but no really.. thats fuckin lame yo.
    and ignorant.
  19. I've worked in the food business and therefore have realized how shitty that is to do.
  20. aaron, i told you to wait for me.

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