stoned as shit storys =]

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    every story u tell starts off with "One time i was stoned as shit and (insert story here)"

    any of u got any?? to add to the thread?
  2. my bad lol =] sorry bout that
  3. One time I was stoned as FUCK riding my motorcycle around in a field and saw a deer. I then chased it around the feild then it ran out in the street and a car it hit. I felt really bad but I took off. End of story.
  4. lol that sucks dude =/ but cool story tho anyone else got a stoned story they would like to tell?
  5. Recently, I walked into Wal-Mart stoned as shit. It was just me and my friend walking around looking for something to munch on in the food section. My friend worked at McDonald's with me a couple years back and we were reminiscing on the good and bad times. As well as reminiscing on our shitty manager, Hammond.

    We were talking so much smack about him and how he looks like Starvin' Marvin from South Park because, yeah, he's small, really freaking skinny and from Sudan.

    Suddenly we hear a voice we both recognize coming from behind us. "I know you guys missed me sooo much". Me and him are both looking at each other like "What the fuck? haha, wow were trippin' so hard that we're hearing Hammond's voice!"

    Then we hear it again, that loud, high pitched African accent, "Do you guys..." And I turn around. Hammond was right fucking behind us lol. I honestly thought I was in another world and I smoked way too much weed till the point I was seeing people.

    HUGE coincidence.
  6. DAMN that is a mindfuck of a coincidence
  7. When you have to make a thread about weed. I won...?
  8. yes yes u did:laughing:

  9. I'm pretty stoned as shit and you have 666 posts along with an avatar of Death. What the fuck, big trip.
  10. lol damn dude that is trippy 0_o
  11. One time I was high in line at Subway and the girl in front of me wanted "cumcubers" on her sandwich. She kept repeating it to the guy and I started laughing. Then a couple of weeks later, I was high at Subway again and while I was ordering, I remembered about "cumcubers" and burst into laughter. When I realized I was the only customer there and that it looked like I was laughing about nothing, I started laughing even harder.

  12. lmao! holy shit.
  13. lol done that b4 at a movie theater always a good time :smoke: thanks for sharking man
  14. No problem, I love sharking.
  15. lol i c what u did there =]

  16. That is some funny shit,I could totally Picture that.:D
  17. ok i have been lots of different highs from different strains you know so i'll describe different ones and tell the stories lol...

    Orange kush: ok this one we just put in the bowl smoked in our friends house and it got me high as hell i just layed on the story really

    Legal bud!: ok this one was the craziest high i've ever had...(it was my like first or second time smoking it i cant remember) so we went to myrtle beach for, my dad, my brother, lots of his friends for my brothers 21st me and my brothers friend were walking down the street bought some legal bud from one of those headshop places on the side of the road went back and put in the pipe smoked it with another buddy of ours and then we went outside and i swear to god i was tripping lol i cant remember the term but its when your eyes are zooming in and out of view...i saw it on Wikipedia once when i was looking up was crazy lol i think the legal bud was called black mamba

    Durban poison: ok this one was a very good strand also so i just got back from the place where i was born where my family lives and my dad gave me some durban poison he picked up in orlando and i brought it back to smoke with my best friend...we went to a playground at night time and smoked a few bowls and i was like standing at the side of the swingset like facing toward the sides of the swings and one swing was still moving and i started freaking out i was like oohhhh my god wtf is that i thought it was a crazy animal running at me in a zig zag pattern...

    thats all i can remember right now.....(bad memory)
  18. i'm stoned as shit. i saw this thread and was like oog clicky. thats when i realized it took me like 5 tries to type the . and the t for the first time todat. and also then i remembered i wanted to lcick this thread and even though it ha only been like 5 seconds i laready couldnt find this thread man like really now i scNNED up and down the innerweb page for like 1 minute and this sounds cool :) and also for like 1 minute then i found it and i tryed to trype this but i thik i messed up few times but im sure its legibal and easy to read cause when your stoned as shit like i am its easy to kinda spell some shit wrong and think its right i noticed. like legibal i know that aint how you spell it but how the fuck do you spell it? can someone tell me please? leibla maybe idk. wait i wrote liebla lol no thats not right i sound like a chick cause i said lol lol oops i forgot my chick texted me lol i said it again with chick in the sentence too ha. man this post just progressed from dark and eeryily depressed i think and ended happy evil too. caus eim listenng to skillet. wierd that a god band made me feel evil. think about that.

    thats my story of my mind >.<
    im stoned as shit

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