Stoned art!

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by GreenDazed42, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. Hey, post the stuff you've done while baked in this thread! I have found out that these two things happen when I'm stoned and I draw:

    1. I'm not that stoned, but stoned enough to REALLY concentrate on one thing. I noticed I draw my best in this state because I pay good attention to detail, and can sit still and just do it for hours!
    2. I'm way too baked, and I start thinking crazy shit which translates it's self to the paper.

    Here's an example of both states of "stoned drawing":

    1. One I did of my girlfriend--really like her expression.

    2. Heh, way too baked.
  2. Does anyone even go in the forum anymore??
  3. that pic of you girlfriend is great, the otherone is weird but i like it.
  4. While I draw while stoned I jsut get stcuk to small detail, I mean I start to draw and after an hour or so there may be some sidelines and such + an 4 cm x 4 cm spot full of little stuff....
  5. When i try to draw stoned, i have to draw quick, like sketches that look scribbly. I hate the outcomes of my stoned drawing, much better sober.
  6. ahaha nice
  7. Shit i did some weird stoned art last night, i got really stoned off of some kif, like less then a gram. Well here ya go:

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  8. Oh yeh i was wearing these goggles with 3d glasses i put inside - trippy.

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  9. And one of the future rule of g.w.bush

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  10. Haha, that's some great stuff! I think it's cool to draw stoned from your imagination like that (like my monkeys) because the weirdest things pop up.

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