Stoned and drunk

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Little Wing, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Thats my fucking story.

    Hell yeah.
  2. Now I see what a waste of a post this was, let me try and redeem myself.

    Drunk and stoned.


    Nevermind, too retarded to type this shit.
  3. are you a drinker, then smoker.....

    a smoker then drinker.....

    or a smoking intermitenly while drinking the whole night away kinda person....

    personally, im a # 3
  4. I'd be a number 3


    Instead of drinking the night away. I'd be drinking the whole night and day away ya know?
  5. i smoke and drink at da same time... take a puff, take a shot, take a puff, take a shot!

  6. yeah what if its just one big cycle that never ends and you cant tell which is first or remember which was first
  7. I never drink when I smoke. The two don't mix with me.....I get all violent and, shit! I either drink or smoke, NEVER both.
  8. I'll have a drink, then round up the people who want to smoke and go out and toke while drinking another one or two. Then I drink whatever I feel like thhroughout the night, not getting too plastered, and smoke when I feel like I could use a little more pot.
  9. I always smoke then drink. Just cause I usually have bud before liquor. But one time I got hammered from some bacardi gold first, and smoked like an hour later. It was like.... an event! It was different.
  10. i dont know how someone could blaze then drink. me and my friend tried it many times but were really stoned and too lazy to start drinkin. my thing is to get wasted and then smoke a few bowls.gets me lifted for a while and we always end up feeling quite fine until we pass out
  11. The order doesn't make a difference for me.
  12. If I'm drinking crappy beer then I do a couple bong rips first so I can make myself drink. I really don't care much for beer, especially American beer. And the worst damn beer you can buy is Southpaw Light. *shudder*
  13. I agree, American beers jsut arn't very good.
    I personally like Amstel..
  14. Its all about the Heineken and the Carlsberg

    And yes.....I know none of you will agree with me.....but the Corona with lime....mmmm mmmm goood
  15. I really really hate beer. But when getting a bottle of liqour isn't worth it, I get Colt 45 double malt tall boy cans.
  16. im not a fan of alcohol. ive been drunk once and i hate the taste. if i want to eat something shitty tasting and get a buzz out of it, i would eat some mushrooms. now thats where its at! but anyways, um ya.. where was i.. oh ya i did like the being drunk feeling, and i definitely had fun that night, but school was no fun the next day and my mom was quite disappointed.. oh well, it was a one time thing.


  17. hey..... stop giving people insight on my life.....

    you ever wake up thursaday and remember passing out on monday?
  18. I like 'm both...together or seperately, depending upon the circumstances...Smoking only if I'm doing some kind of sport: snowboarding, surfing etc., drinking only if I'm w/tha kids & straight friends, both if its a relaxed setting & I don't need to stay sharp &
  19. I usually toke in the morning before work. At lunch time I eat and then toke a little more. On the way home I smoke a nice Jay and pick up a 12 pack which I finish before going to bed. I just came back from a camping trip and the whole time I was out in the woods, I continued my routine as above but all before 12 noon. I would come to around 2-3 in the afternoon and then start all over again. Freedom!

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