Stoned activities?

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  1. I know there are threads about what do you like to do when you're stoned already. But do you ever just listen to stuff to hear the sounds when you're stoned?
  2. When I'm stoned I listen to music and blast it up. I focus in on the instruments it's pretty cool. :D

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  3. If you have an ipod touch or iphone, try the inception app. It's cool, and when you have head phones in it takes the sounds from around you like people talking or tv or just noise and alter it along with the other noise it produces itself.
  4. That's pretty cool I've heard of that app. In going to try it Thanks. :)

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  5. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
  6. Keep token and play som gta 5
    Watch this video next time you're blazed 
    You won't regret it
  8. Stoned origami is satisfying

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  9. I like to do sudoku puzzles

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  10. I remember when I first started toking, my tolerance was so low I would get insanely high! I could literately sit there for an hour just listening to music and moving my head EXACTLY to the beat, I LOVED it.. To bad I don't get that high anymore ..
    So usually now I enjoy being in a car, playing a song from Pink Floyd or someone like that, puts me in a good mood :)
  11. i live in colorado so i have trails and a lot of nature by my house, i like to smoke and walk around and enjoy the nature and views, really relaxing :]
  12. Nature and exploring the outdoors is definitely mu favorite, playing video games and watching sports is nice too, I recently found out that im really good at bowling while high.
  13. It pisses me off kinda when people I'm smoking with just want to sit around and chill. I always wanna go do shit...even running errands is so much more fun. May as well do it when I'm stoned.

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  14. every activity is great when high, I'm a fully functional stoner - my whole day is stoned :) 
  15. Music, Music and Music

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  16. Music or hanging with my pals and going to eat or something. We went bowling once, it was way fun high as a kite.

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  17. hiking is terrific while blazed!

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