Stone/Wood Pipes?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Shere Khan, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Dont' get me wrong guys, i love glass. But im pretty curious about stone and wood pipes. Could anyone experienced with either give me some pros and cons to toking outta them?
  2. Carving wood pipes is fun! But I have never used a stone pipe. I would give both of them a try if I were you.
  3. Stone and wood are great pipe materials. I have a small wooden one hitter that I only smoke dank in and it absorbs some of the flavors of everything that gets smoked out of it.

    I also have a friend with a stone chillum and it really smokes great, and has a really wicked tribal look to it.
  4. My buddy used to have this little stone piece that held joints, it acted sort of like a roach clip. It was a pretty useful piece for when we didn't want to carry glass on us.

    I'm not a huge fan of wood because after awhile the burnt wood makes the bud taste a little off, but I don't mind wood that much.
  5. would anyone know what the best wood would be to carve a lil pipe out of? i tried using the top of an acorn as a bowl once and i think i smoked more of that then my bud.
  6. I've used oak, which was nice and had only a slight taste, depending on the size of the pack. Pine has quite the taste but smells nice and doesn't burn. I picked up a bass block which burnt but didn't have a taste.

  7. would you make more of a typical pipe like piece or straight pipe?
  8. Mostly in between. Most of mine have the appearance of a straight pipe but the bowl of a typical.
  9. Oh man, 90% of what I smoke out of I would say is stone, Home carved! There is a surplus where you can get pipestone pretty cheap, Its what the indians used for some of their peace-pipes. :) durable little buggers too! I also heard of people using soap stone, but i make alot of them out of pipe stone, and they work so good!

  10. alrighty then, thanks! im gonna get to work as soon as i can.

    oh, another question, anyone heard of stuff called ironwood? its this really nice dark dark stuff that i think would make a cool piece, i just dont know how well it burns/how much taste it would impart to the smoke.
  11. Lol im quite the DIY of pipes lol as well as being native lol
    anyway i've never really smoked out of glass i know what your thinking omg okaies dont have glass lol not true we have glass i just never liked to carry breakables on me
    so i've made stone pipes like the NDN's make'em and like a engilsh style with the 90o bowl i was told to make it out of soap stone i dont know what its reall name is put you can get steping stones made from this(but it from home depot or lowes)
    wood pipes i've made from pine or oak i like the pine better "if you make'em make'em small the longer the pipe is the more smell is absorbed and smell is 75%of taste... with the stone ones tho i've made them with wood pipe steams as will hole pipe out of stone ...i wish i had piks i'll see what i kan find of my ol' work but idk lol im to busy smoking and not taking piks
  12. Just craved a new pine "Spoon" I'll have some pics up soon.
  13. nice! i was thinkin pine would be the way to go; id like to see how yours turned out!
  14. I've used a stone pipe... didn't taste good at all.
  15. I would love to learn how to carve stone. I'm sure it can't be too difficult. I really enjoy using wood and stone pieces. It just feels so...natural.
  16. I have only smoked out of metal/blunts. But I would love to try smoking out of a stone or wooden pipe. The seem far less fragile.

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