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  1. I am thinking about getting me a stone pipe sometime soon.  How good are they?

  2. I've never owned, used, or even seen a stone pipe (except for online). I'm curious as well. If I ever do own one I'd have to take a solar hit out of it.
  3. They're nice. They clog easily but they are classy and such. I had one as my first bowl and it was great. I was actually thinking of getting a new one because the one I had finally broke after 4 years of abuse.
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    I use to have a stone pipe. It, as mentioned above, clogged pretty damn easy. Didn't get too hot when used for multiple bowls in a row.
    But it was reliable until a friend smashed it on purpose.
  5. Stone pipes are great things.
    They smoke well, don't impart a funny taste, and if they're made of soapstone, they're really easy to clean.
    The first few I made clogged pretty easily, but I started tweaking my designs and now I'm not hearing any complaints.
    One thing to watch out for - Alabaster pipes. They're gorgeous, but they dissolve in water and alcohol. The only way to clean them is with fats. When I work with alabaster, I wet sand it as normal, but I dry it as quickly as possible to prevent any serious damage.
  6. How cool would a marble pipe be? or even  a bong or bub of marble.
    Shit why have I not ever seen stone pieces? Maybe im just too high and they are a bad idea
  7. stone pipes are fuckin' cool looking. I still prefer glass over anything. though if you have a modern house with like pebbles and such as ornaments. I'd get one just because it would fit the house's theme. but yeah. glass all the way.
  8. i'd love to see a stone bong, man. but i have a little stone pipe and it's perfect, the only real problem i have is how hot it hits, now mind you, the pipe itself seems to never heat up so its a great party pipe, my cousin has broken it several times cleaning it though :/ but nothin a lil super glue won't fix. plus, gotta hide it from someone? toss it in the front yard or lay it upside down... boom now its just a rock.
  9. There is a company in Hawaii that makes lava stone pipes. Very high quality.
  10. Never heard of stone pipes, sounds cool though!
  11. I've got a wooden pipe, with a massive detachable stone bowl, don't need any gauze cause it's got 3 holes drilled in for an even pull. Muuuuch better than a wooden bowl
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    I have one made out of onyx. It smokes just like a glass and cleans just as easy, plus you cant drop it and break it. I can shove almost a gram in the bowl because its so deep too. I usually still smoke out of glass though honestly.
  13. Since a few people have never even seen a stone pipe i thought i should post a pic of mine. ^_^

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  14. a bong made of marble would cost a fuck ton and weigh WAYYY more than the average stoner is willing to lift haha

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