stone pipe worth it?

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  1. hey so i am quite partial to joints or bongs, but seeing as i only own papers and not any glass, i have been looking for a cool yet inexpensive piece.

    i would like to get a stone pipe, merely because they are more durable. i've smoked stone, glass, and wood, and i actually like stone the best.

    as far as stone pipes go, is this worth it?
  2. Yeah that looks bad-ass.. and it's a good pipe


    It's easy to use
    Easy to take with you

  3. fuck yeah get that
  4. I would go for it. It'd be unique too.
  5. please don't buy that, bro. go to any head shop and for the same price you'll be able to pick up a solid glass pipe. plus u wont have to pay shipping :)
  6. haha shippings not an issue. but thats just it i dont want a glass one, i personally like stone
  7. If it's $15 without shipping go for it.
    Anything more is kinda a lot, I think.
  8. YES.

    I personally own a Celebration Pipe, and it was the best investment for a bowl ever. I usually don't like spoons, but I needed a piece that was small and durable, and this one just caught my eye. It's made of lavastone and plated in gold. It took a while to get used to because it doesn't have a carb and has a little keyhole at the bottom of the bowl for an airflow chamber, but once it resins up a little, it hits beautifully. It is such a classy piece, I am in love with it. I also feel very comfortable knowing it'll be harder to break than a traditional glass spoon.
  9. its kinda little though, that bowl is like 1/4 the size of my glass. But it is still pretty cool
  10. DUDE thats sick as hell man...def get that man..keep on toakin:bongin::yay::smoking:
  11. i would buy a stone spoon but never a pipe like that
  12. does it have a choke?
  13. Id definitely get that, it looks sick and it would be unique since no one really has stone pipes
  14. i was gonna buy that but grasscity didnt exept my credit card
  15. i just broke my 3rd spoon since i started puffing on greenery(3 pipes in 7 years aint too bad...right?), i might get me one of these little guys, all i look for in a spoon is durability and convenience anyways
  16. yeah i think im gonna order it tonight. im excited seeing as this is the first not homemade piece i will have since the summer when my last glass broke.
  17. id go for glass, but thats just me. no funny tastes to deal with. i have one stone pipe, and its alright, but i prefer my glass any day over it.
  18. I would like to smoke out of a stone pipe. I've tried the others: wood, glass, metal. Anything is better than metal to me.
  19. I used to use a stone pipe for a few years. Only thing worth mentioning is I find they smell quite a bit worse than anything else and therefor need to be cleaned more frequently.
  20. I really like that man. Kind of classy in a way if you ask me.

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