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Stomach Virus, Weed was unable to save me.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Electric-E, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. So typically if I have any type of nausea I just smoke it off. Thank god for the wonderful herb...however, last night I realized quickly I had contracted a stomach virus...well, I smoked a bowl of mids since I figured it would give me that middies crash me sleep. Damn was I wrong. This is first time weed has been unable to help me...and I understand a stomach virus isnt something that's really preventable. Oh well, I ended up puking about 8-9 You guys had any experience with sickness like this and smoking?
  2. Maybe a more potent weed would have done the trick?
  3. Amen, where's the Do-Dee at?:smoking:
  4. same thing happened to me. i had a litle mr nice guy and i was throwing up every time i put something in my stomach. if you just eat some soup a little at a time that should help. move on to solids after about a day
  5. I beleive i have found the culprit...the elusive Mids
  6. well, I initially smoked the mids so it would give me the crash effect so I could actually get a little sleep afterwards, but, truthfully I didn't really have a choice either. I have no access to high grade atm :(. I'm pretty sure I would've puked anyways, this bitch hit me hard, I couldn't stop violently puking like every 30 mins...

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