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Stomach Problems

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Nate42Tbell0, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Hello my name is Nate. Let me start by saying that I am a full supporter of the medical marijuana movement. I have been consuming marijuana for about 6 years now. At first it started as something fun to do with friends. As I began to smoke more often, I started to notice that the stomach problems I had always struggled with were no longer a problem. I used to have quite painful stomach cramps nearly everyday. Reguardless of what I ate for breakfast I would have this problem for the first couple hours of my day. Sometimes I wouldent even make it out of the shower and to breakfast before the cramps would start. Even skipping breakfast entirely would usually never make a difference. Once I started smoking every morning I started to notice that I no longer had these cramps. It has been so long since Iv dealt with this problem that I almost forgot about all those terrible mornings. Now that I am older I am engaged and while my wife to be is a supporter of marijuana and used to smoke herself she no longer partakes due to her enlistment in the army. Of course since marijuana is still illegal on a federal level there can be none on base. I will be moving to base with her as soon as we are married and she is settled in. Naturally I will need to stop smoking. Or at least I wont be able to smoke at a constant rate. I could still go off base and do as I please with no worry of getting her in trouble. Anyway I have been experimenting with cutting back big time and or quitting. Trouble is that when I eat and then avoid smoking I tend to feel extremely bloated and have acid reflux for several hours after eating. Obisously this sucks.. So much that its just better to not eat anything sometimes. What I'm wondering is if this problem is presenting itself because I actually have a stomach condition that is causing this. If so obiously marijuana is doing the trick but if that's not an option in the future id like to know if there are other ways to solve my problem. The other possibility I'm thinking is that maybe iv just gotten so used to smoking after eating that when I eat now my body is expecting it and reacts badily when I don't smoke. Either way I'm going to the doctors tomarrow to see what he has to say on the subject. Just thought that I would post something on here to see if anyone else is having these problems too. It would be great to hear any sort of input reguardless.

  2. Go to your doctors they'll most likely give you acid reflux pills and it should solve your problem,I have acid reflux problems I was on medication for it for 4 months it gave me anxiety and caused me to get pains in my arms so I stopped taking them everyday and just smoke weed instead now, I do have to take one now and again when it's really bad and it seems to help
  3. I spent years with stomach issues then I stopped eating gluten and milk and Im good. For years, I masked it behind cigarettes (smoking calmed my stomach.) Any chance gluten is the cause?
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  4. becoming vegan fixed my acid reflux
    acid blockers aren't good for you
  5. See a GI doc asap, could be a million issues
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  6. Thank you for the responses. Went to the doctors today so I figured I would give an update. Surprisingly my doctor was relatively supportive of the use of marijuana for my problems. He recommended I go to a clinic and see about getting a medical card. Reguardless I wanted to figure out what the actual problem is (if there is one). I ended up getting several x rays of my stomach and they all came back normal. Along with the x rays he also prescribed an anti acid. Hopefully the anti acid will clear up the problem before my follow up appointment in 2 weeks. If not ill be headed to an endoscopy. Thanks again for the responses. I will be updating as the days go by hopefully with some good news.
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  7. I usually feel stomach issues too in the past few months. I noticed it when drinking milk or other dairy products. But I feel relief after I smoke. I ask my doctor and he said that I might be acidic. He prescribe with small tablets that I need to take for weeks. He also advised me not to drink milk and eat spicy food.
  8. Well its been several days so I figured I would give an update. The anti acid seems to be helping for the most part. I usually start my day around 3:30pm so iv been waiting until about 6pm to take it. It last pretty much all day but I usually still wake up with acid reflux. The bloating problem seems to be doing quite a bit better as well which I have to say I never expected. Although I have still been smoking from time to time I don't see It being enough to be the reason Iv been feeling better. Once Im completely dry I plan to cut back to only smoking at work when its offered. (Can't be rude. haha) with luck I'll still be feeling well enough to pass on having an endoscopy or any further test when I go to my follow up appoint.
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  9. Good for you. Nice to hear that the anti acid works. I wish you more luck dude.
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  10. Good to hear about the improvement.

    I've said this before in this thread, but it bears repeating:
    Careful with those acid blockers and antacids. Long term use can really mess up the digestive system.
    Diet can fix most digestive problems, and veganism is excellent for doing that.
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  11. Check out the youtube vid Leaf

    She talks about juicing raw cannabis leaves for stomach relief and cures... great info, good luck
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  12. Nate--

    I was shocked/elated to see your post as I suffer from severe acid reflux, sometimes to the point of nausea. I agree 100% that marijuana helps so so much, but since I don't like to be high at school and work and sometimes feel foggy throughout the day when I use in the morning, I decided to stop in to the doc. She prescribed me omnaprazole as needed which was an intense relief. I also started decreasing and eventually eliminating eating gluten from my diet which seemed to help as well. It's weird to me, but I'm noticing so many others in my age group (18-25) developing intolerances to gluten out of nowhere.

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  13. Fermented food fixed my grastro problems. When I ate them regularly milk wasn't a problem but now that I don't eat fermented foods as much, milk is again a problem.
  14. Here are your stomach problems from weed, sorry guys

  15. If you already have stomach problems to begin with and you're using cannabis to help, you may notice yourself going through a vicious cycle of feeling simultaneous relief and problems after. This is because the cannabinoids are helping your body and the pesticides (maybe a little mold or mycotoxins) are making you sick too.
  16. have you done any research on heated inhaled pesticide chemicals? When we eat them in food it is different than smoking them or vaping them... as far as I know no tests have been done on that
  17. Here's that gas everyone's smoking, one of the most main contaminants : Eagle 20 and Myclobutanil in the Context of Cannabis Cultivation and Consumption

    II. Inhalation of pyrolized myclobutanil residue could expose cannabis users to hydrogen cyanide
    As noted on the Eagle 20 material safety data sheet(3), myclobutanil is stable at room temperature, but releases highly toxic gas if heated past its boiling point of 205°C (401°F) (3, 9). Disposable butane lighters, commonly used to ignite marijuana during consumption, produce temperatures in excess of 450°C.

    60-Day Notice Search Results

    That's why we call it gas famalam. Cause it's literally gas!
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