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Stomach pain from coconut oil

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by hollo321, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Hey i made first time coconut oil cannabis. Tried the batch twice n each time got great effects but would get stomach/pelvis pains. I would down each time like a tablespoon striaght up or in tea. About 40mg thc per tablespoon. Why get pains? Never got from smoking and dont wanna give up on edibles
  2. Make stronger meds where your using less oil.
    I get 30 doses from a tablespoon of oil.
    Change oils.
    While Coconut oil is most peoples preferred solvent any cooking oil works from bacon fat to safflower oil.

    Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes

    5 grams decarbed Kief, Hash, Powdered buds, any concentrate
    2.5 teaspoons Coconut oil ( any cooking oil )
    1/2 teaspoon Lecithin
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes

    Fills 30 (0) size capsules @ 80mg each with Kief or hash. 25mg with powdered buds.

    Can try straining the weed bits out as some people are sensitive to the herb bits. Will loose some potency about a 20% loss.
    Experiment until you figure out what is causing your distress.
  3. Hi
    How did you make your
    How did you make your oil and what color was it when finished?
    If it was really green you are most likely suffering from stomach distress due to the amount of chlorophyll given off during extraction of your weed. Chlorophyll tends to upset sensitive people as you have discribed .
    You should try a cold extraction where the results are more of a golden Dragon tinture and not green.
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  4. Placed the bud and oil in a simple saucepan, heat on low for about 3 hours than strain. Color is like a beige/light brownish. Could be chlorophyll i guess. I was thinking before i made that this method be easiest on the body, as its more pure without use of solvents
  5. My stomach will hurt like that if I use any part of the whole herb in cooking like without straining the oil well... or trying to use the leftover herb after extraction. I try to avoid letting any solids through my filter and have noticed a big difference.

    Lecithin can cause severe stomach pain as well.
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  6. interesting tek might try out next time. Was thinking perhaps reason got pains was that injested large amount of cold oil not in a baked good. since this method alot less matter to consume might solve my issue. curious what Lecithin does and reasoning for freeze than reheat?

  7. also before make next batch i have quite a bit left from what i made. Is there a way to reduce it so can cosmue less for same effect?
  8. hmm perhaps didnt strain it well enough. I do see a dark layer of matter on bottom of jar i brewed
  9. Since you did not use lecithin that pretty much points to the greens and chlorophyll.

    Trying to reduce oil turns it to a shellac, but it will still hurt your stomach in that form. I would try to use some in a baked good then see if that helps buffer the can make it stronger by adding more bud to it. Problem is, you probably need to really get all the chlorophyll out, or minimize it by not using long heated extractions.
  10. Using lecithin generally gets you less of a speedy high right away. It slows down the onset of your high, so your edibles will take longer to hit you. The heating and freezing makes for more pain relief, and more restful sleep because it is said that more cbd pops up when you do this. I notice a huge difference in varied methods, so you definitely need to find your sweet spots.
  11. Are you just eating the coconut oil or are you cooking it into other foods. It could be too much fat from the oil or excessive plant material in the extract. I find cooking solves both. I normally make butter or oil and then use that oil to make other dishes or baked goods.
  12. Lecithin is found in many foods and medications now. It makes less sugar seem sweeter and less meds do more.
    Doubles the power of the oil IME.
    The freeze and reheat softens the gritty mouth feel the kief-hash has for letting the capsules melt in your mouth for faster onset of the high.

    4 or more heat and freezes will degrade some THC to CBN and make it a better sleep aid.


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