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Stomach acid and THC hunger

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Xavior, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. Ok - so does anyone that smokes all day all the time also get acid reflux (aka heartburn)? Also does anyone know if weed just makes you hungry or if perhaps it increases the amount of stomach acid so you just want to eat?
  2. hmm... never heard of a relation between the two.

    I have heard that weed either A) stimulates the hunger portion of the brain making you want to eat after you are full or B) increases your metabolism, making you burn energy faster, giving you hunger AND burnout.

    i always thought it was B???

    no clue though, im just a smoker.
  3. DUDE!

    I thought i was the only one that it happened to. If i dont smoke im good. But because i smoke on a daily basis lately, ive been getting crazy heartburn. Definetly acid reflux disease. It really fucking sucks.....

    Yeah i think it affects it
  4. actually, some chemicals in marijuana stimulate the brain in such a way that it thinks your body's blood sugar is low. to balance this out usually you would eat. so you feel hungry.
  5. no acid reflux but on rare occasions my stomach screams "FEEEEEEED MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" really loudly :D
  6. I get bad heartburn too espically after foods like pizza or mexican. I thought it might have somethin to do with smokin but noone i know has ever had that problem. glad im not the only one. Tums always helps me.

  7. signed.
  8. i dunno if this has anything to do with this but i smoke alot, and last week about an hour after i smoked whenever i laughed drank anything or ate something i would get a pain in my thraot kind of like a sore throat but it wasnt the same and also like in my upper chest it felt like my lungs were caving it and it hurt pretty bad, only lasted 2 days though and i havnt had that since, but i told my friend about it and he said he had the same thing a couple of months ago, only i think his lasted alot longer than mine did

  9. hmm, sounds like just smoking pains - sounds like it does happen to some people though - but its wierd cause it only happens when smoking lots of weed. also - for some reason I get it more when I vaporize than smoke. ill just assume its one of the tons of chemicals in weed.
  10. ^^ ya dude... thats why i quit using my light bulb vape... when i took rips it just burned like a mutha fucka and it ruined my high cuz it hurt so bad,,, i havent tried the vape since,,, i was thinking it was the white powder shit on the inside of the bulb being burnt? but then again, when the light bulb is being turned on for long amounts of time, it most definatly heats the powder up enough to burn

  11. hmm, yeh dude i wouldnt use a light bulb for it if u could avoid it, id say its definately the white stuff in the bulb (think ur sposed to wash it out)...
  12. Uh, ya, your supposed to wash the white crap out of the bulb, or just use a clear bulb. You don't want anything but clean clear glass.
  13. I have mad heartburn too! (I dont think its smoking related tho...and it doesnt even stop me from eating foods that give me heartburn...someone said it earlier...Tums)

    And pot speeds up your metabolism, and it also burns up all the B vitamins faster.
  14. so what do people think about taking prilosec otc for getting rid of weed related heartburn?
  15. wow, i also thought that i was the only person it happened to. after i've smoked repeatedly throughout the day, my stomach is all fucked up by nighttime. i just take a zantac or eat some icecream, both help. (the milk in the icecream coats your stomach and is basic... it will counteract acid)

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