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Stomach ache weed related?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NPM, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. I smoke multiple times everyday and every morning I wake up with an upset stomach and I have to relieve myself on the porcelain throne at the same time every morning, in fact the upset stomach is what wakes me up.

    Does anyone have any experience in this? I don't think its because I am eating too much
  2. weed relieves an upset stomach most of the time so you probably have something wrong like an intestinal issue.
  3. i have a stomach ache every night before i go to sleep because of it, its a common issue
  4. WEED IS MEDICINE. It is NOT what is causing your problem. Cut down on the junk at "munchie" time or go see a doctor. This is not the right place to get a medical diagnosis.
  5. i feel sick every morning and im unable to eat anything until about 1, but a few bowls or a nice joint and its gone.
  6. Maybe you need to watch what you eat? or try not smoking for a day and see if you still have stomach ache in the morning
  7. Do you tend to eat a lot when you get the munchies?

    I used to have the same problem a couple years ago. I would eat huge portions of ridiculous foods and would spend a good amount of time every morning shitting it out.

    Try to control the munchies more or eat healthier.
  8. gumbos right, when i eat at night between toking my stomach wakes me up. just gotta eat bigger portions earlier, or wait like 3-4 hours before knocking
  9. when i smoked cigarettes i felt sick every mourning...
    i quit cigs now i feel good.
  10. if the weed was moldy then it's the weed otherwise no
  11. If you're swallowing the smoke while smoking that can do it too. With my pipe, sometimes when using the rush people swallow air, and if you do it enough you'll have about 24 hours of a terrible stomach ache.
  12. Sounds like you just have to poop. Everybody poops.
  13. Gold. :smoke:

    Normally I use weed to alleviate stomach pain. But I always feel like crap if i eat a bunch of junk. it could help to drink water when you have the munchies. then poop.
  14. I might be swallowing smoke cause I do use a glass bowl. How can I tell? My stomach doesnt hurt until the next morning it wakes me up like clockwork.

    @Brokenhymen(lol nasty)
    I've been trying to drink more water lately, maybe i'm dehydrated
  15. do you smoke before you go to sleep? try not smoking before you go to sleep unless you need it. You should always drink water daily.
  16. Ya i've been smoking maybe an hour or two before i go to bed. I'll play some xbox then hit the sack.

    How could that be hurtin me stomach?
  17. i don't see how weed could affect your stomach in any way. at least, not directly.
    if you're high during most waking hours, then your stomach could just be reacting from the change in diet. even with strong will power, being high all the time will affect your diet.

    but if that isnt the case then its something else. weed is more of a medication itself rather than something that will harm you. check for the flu too.
  18. #18 SkinnyBryan, Sep 21, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 21, 2009
    Yea i was just wondering, i say try it for a day or so and see how that works. Couldnt hurt to try. Now is this an ache or a nausea feeling? Might just be morning sickness like what i get time to time. Nothing looks good to eat and i just feel sick.
  19. weed should not cause your stomach to ache at all
    it has the opposite effect
    try drinking more water
    it always works for me in releaving all the "bad" things about weed
    like munchies and cotton mouth or headache or any thing like that
  20. Ya i've been drinking water all day

    I seriously think I was dehydrated though because I'm still not pissing clear yet

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