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Stomach ache/bug

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ariees, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. I mainly use marijuana recreationally. But I was greeted today by a stomach bug, or maybe just an upset stomach. I threw up a few times earlier, and after a nice 2 hour nap, I felt a little better but my stomach still feels weak. Do you think it would help if I vaped a little bit?
  2. If you feel like it man go for it. It shouldnt make it worse. Only give you the munchies and you might have to throw up your food again :)
  3. Haha thats the thing, I dont want to throw up. I just ate a salad and I feel decent, unlike earlier when I was having to force myself to eat. I can resist munchies, so I guess ill try it out.
  4. I'll try to remember and log how I feel just for future searches or who ever is curious. I vaped about 5 min ago. Im climbing up, but I think my stomach achey feeling intensified a little. Still manageable though. Btw, I'm smoking high grade, what I think is Indica. Looks sort of like white rhino, but more orange hairs. A LOT more.

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