STOLEN!!! What to do next year!!

Discussion in 'Security' started by sausage1, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. You know what's a much better idea than all these? Hide it better and dOnt tell anyone
  2. it sucks loosing a crop to thieves ,but it happens more and more. knowing this can happen, plant several plots. if you're really dependant on a good harvest, plant even more. plan for the worst and rejoice at anything less than that.

  3. now this is the exact opposite of how you should handle thievery.
  4. Yea man, Ima have to go with a dog or two, and maybe some security cameras or something, then after the grow show them to the police or something.
  5. I would just put a silenced shotgun booby trap up in that shit
  6. Yea das great till there's a body on the ground lmfao.
  7. im a big fan of the big edog idea. i pretty much only lock my door now so if someone breaks in my dog wont ruin the carpet with thier blood.

  8. Great Fertilizer. Just till the bastid into the dirt
  9. Razor wire on top of your fence, double coiled. Should work really well.
  10. Growing adjacent to an alley will always be a problem. Dogs, gun turrets..nothing will change that. You need to change locations, one where punks aren't strolling on the other side of your fence. And by location..I mean MOVE!
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    Around here the skunks like to come out and play late at night like our dog found out the hard way a few weeks ago. He went out about 11:30pm and normaly when he barks and growls at a critter in the backyard he doesnt stop untill you tell him to shut up. On that night a minute or so after letting him out I heard one growl and one bark and that was it, I knew he found a skunk. Next thing I see is him standing at the backdoor eyes watery nose running and drooling like crazy with this I just really fucked up bad look on his face. He stunk like hell but the look on his face was priceless. So our deterents to rippers are the skunks and our dog that wieghs about 125 lbs and can easily drag a 200lbs + person just going after a squirel. He`s already snapped two 40 foot cable tie outs rated for a 150lbs dog. He`s an American Bulldog and when he growls and inhales at the same time at someone he sounds pshycotic.

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