STOLEN!!! What to do next year!!

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  1. LOL well then my friend I think I will get my journal started later on tonight in the "Indoor Grow" forum.
  2. kk, post a link in this thread so i don't have to search for it :confused_2:

  3. Damn bro, I got my indoor grow journa started in the "indooor grow" forum. But my fuckin lap top started dying off (battery) n my charger wont seem to charge it. I am posting dis from my iPhone but I am bout to head on out to Best Buy n get a new charger. (hopefully its that) i will hit u up later on today when I get this shit sorted out
  4. BTW, that avatar is a pic of my 1st grow. (G-13 Labs Skunk #1). Thats the only pic i got to upload last nite b4 my fuckin laptop started fuckin around.
  5. Kk, I'll look for the thread, be careful posting from your iphone. If i put a pic on here with my phone, i'll save it to my pc and remove all the "personal info" in the properties.

  6. Never too late...i have a flower journal, why not a harvest journal

  7. Naw no posting wit my iPhone. I got pics on a sD card wit a digital camera
  8. There's a piece of evidence in there that I don't think anyone has picked up on yet. You were jacked the day you trimmed. That's some pretty lucky thieves lol, they happened to show up the day you were harvesting. Guaranteed that one of your friends let slip to a roommate or something about it and they hit you knowing all the details about security and harvest times.

    Next year, keep everything secret, tell no one.

    Beyond that, purchase a wireless - infrared camera system that's hooked to your computer. These systems can be quite cheap and have great functionality. For example, the one I run will actually turn on when it detects motion and email pictures and video of what's going on. Invest in a quality door/lock that will delay thieves as much as possible and set the camera facing the door. Keep your smartphone on your person at all times and you'll get email notifications when someone is near the door. That should let you get to the door and resolve the situation.

    Also, you say that you were growing your "allowable 6 plants". I am not sure of the legal situation in your area, but if you are growing legally, installing lots of cameras and calling the police might strangely be a good idea :p
  9. Oh sheet, i'll post what I wanna do this spring for security and my grow.
  10. What I want to do

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  11. Plus I got an 80lb dobberman.
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    I would put barb wire on the top of the fence and on the ground where you would land. Add a motion sensor alarm to that and a very bright motion sensor light.
  13. I would dig some pungie pits with sharpened bamboo spikes, rub some dog crap on em and then just incase they get by the pits...ring that garden with land really when theifs explode, they make great fertalizer...
  14. You ever think about a geodesic dome type of green house, saw a thread here on it? A little more stealthy in teh aspect people wont be able to look over the fence and see your girls.

    As for your fence... I have jumped many and from what I have seen works well to keep fools off is to add a little wood trim with finishing nails (like carpets have that you fucking step on sometimes) going through the board.

    Basically when someone puts their hands on your fence they get fucking poked like 12 times in one hand, like barbed wire but less attention.

    I didn't read the whole thread :/ but felt that these were decent suggestions, as well as the dog one. Maybe add a buncha cheese all over your fence too haha cheesy hands are lame.
  15. hang fishing line with hooks on it in the trees all around the plants at face and body level that will keep trespassers out. Also consider growing in a more secluded area that people are not gonna go, and get a non sticky strain of seeds. also take a diff path every time, having a beaten path to your outdoor grow is the easiest way for someone to find it. And visit them as little as possible, they are growing outside anyway, they will be fine!
  16. camp out a couple nights. I had some kids comming down and messing with my plants. NO one messes with my" cola-greens" !! Some target practis also lets EVERYONE know that you are not playing around :]
  17. I don't need any traps, or hand hurting devices on my fence lol. My dog would hear them rattling around in the yard, alarm me to let him outside, and he'd take them down and out.

    A gaurd dog is all you need. Dobbermans are naturally protective and alert, with some extra training, mine amazed me. But He's 50% Dobby, 25% Pitt, and 25% Lab
  18. electric fence? around your plants not the main yard. dont want to hurt some1 just walking by. this is a little much but it can stop a fucking bear! teach thows lil basturd kids to fuck with you!
    Bear Shock Electric Fence for the Backcountry
  19. lol, don't wanna shock my dog either.

  20. Yea yeah hook em in the face and neck with fishhooks...lmmfao...thats rough, you may as well sight in with a ma duece and chop em to pieces when they

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