STOLEN!!! What to do next year!!

Discussion in 'Security' started by sausage1, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. That's using your head ^
  2. first of dogs a good idea and he will bark when inside if someone even a dog walks by. greenhouse pretty expensive. third ur being watched they certainly saw you go in with the first plant. could be someone u know or someone who knows someone u know. the best thing u could do besides stay inside or greenhouse or worse hurt someone. chain link roofed 8' high dog pen they come in several sizes u can lock them" multiple chain and master locks recommended" grow plants inside pen. no spotlights will interrupt light cycle. infrared camera and sounds like ur legal so the camera could be brought to 5-0 but something tells me they'd probably laugh at u put if ur legal they would have to file a report and u could press the situation if wanted. plus I would find a black or dark tarp that can fit over kennel completely during the night "no light pollution", and tie bells on it for early warning. the chain link isn't failsafe but should slow them down, and with the dog and bells you should be set. thats what I would do.

  3. I had a pitbull for sixteen years..and yeah hed have gone for the steak too but only to leave it where he planned on eating your body..if you came in my yard..otherwise he was super sweet and friendly..but there were two places you couldnt even look at my yard was one..we had to build a cage with a roof ..and the second for some crazy reason was in a car but only with my mother..and for some reason he hated black people..he loved the black friends he knew..and ricans were fine too..but blacks in the car forget about mom came home one day and was like....WHAT THE FUCKS WRONG WITH YOU ?YOU TAUGHT IT TO HATE BLACKs? wtf I never taught him to hate anyone..i think its cuz I live in a city and black people hate dogs...typical interaction when id walk him...
    black girl/boy: Dammm white boy that dog look mean.
    ME: Nah hes awsome, he doesnt bite.
    black girl/boy: That muhfucka gut teef right? and I walk away..or they do in the most obvious im scared way possible..
    for the record jocko never bit or attacked one person outside my home..someone broke into my place though and all I found was a ripped t shirt and blood all over the place...sixteen years and never one problem.

  4. Haha gotta love Pitt bulls
  5. You need to get a few of those opiate addicted monkeys in india that beat the shit out of people..lets see someone get it while curious george is hanging off their back punching their face..i love those crazy drug addicted monkeys
  6. My dogs half Dobberman, quart pitt, and quart lab. My profile pic is when he was 3 months old. He's now 80lbs and would only be a faster runner if he was part greyhound.

    Pretty much, I dare some dumb fucker to jump my fence or come inside my house.
    Also, I'm in Texas, so once again, I dare some dumb fucker to get on my property.
  7. Im voting electric fence. Get wire and standoffs from a ranch or ag supply store and use an old crt monitor to power it. And if your legal why didn't you just call the cops? Or are they not interested in helping medical use growers where you are?
  8. A male German shepherd is a great deterrent. Or, grow inside. You probably got robbed by those same kids. Install a security camera. You can even get an electric fence around your garden and put empty pots with water in them. Guy steps in water, touches fence and gets fried. End of guy.
  9. It had to be the same damn kids, next time get sum buddies and jump there azz, then tie em up and give them a 2 day long speech about life and then beat em again and record the whole thing and tell em u see em again its goin on tosh.o

  10. Damn Worthless THIEVES! I just had a baby stolen from my backyard like bout 3-4 weeks ago. Pineapple Express outdoors n the bitch was GORGEOUS! She was literally gonna get harvested like 3 days later but the damn fuckin kids got to it. She was easily gonna be 4 ozs of dank bud. Well time went by n I put some of my lil goons to investigate at the local high school n found out it was this Senior kid who stole it. I investigate further n find out he is 18 already (which means he can get his ass kicked). Well this monday my cuz n I caught up with him at the local gas station n fucked his world up (I'm 24 n my cuz is 20) We fucked his world up, LIL BITCH WAS SQUEALING LIKE A GIRL (Literally Squealing) LMFAO IT WAS SO FUN. Well it turns out he was wanted for some burgularies in the town next door so they took him to county n they took us to the local PD, got charged for disorderly conduct, paid a 150 dollar fine for me n cuz (300$ in all). IT WAS DEFINITELY WORTH IT! Cops were like yeah I would of fucked him up too over a beauty like dat. So if u can just lay low n dish out some STREET JUSTICE!
  11. From your backyard^^?? Good thing you whooped his ass! I'd put a person in a hospital for being on my property, and make them an inch from death for stealing off my property.

  12. Yeah my backyard, but fool got his ass whooped anyways. We really didnt see the need to kick his ass REALLY BAD & get aggravated assault charges. In the end hearing him squeal like a BITCH was all worth it.
  13. Hell yea, wish you coulda caught him in the act to avoid any charges. Did you get any of you shit back?

  14. Naw bro didnt bother lookin for it either. Im just gonna wait on my indoor babys n lay low now. Yeah i wish i could of caught him in the act too but the fucker robbed me during the day while i was gone. Thats what pisses me off more! (BTW the indoor grow is no where near my house)
  15. Got back-up buds lol. And that's good, but I don't think the guy would come back and try to do shit considering you beat it out of him.

  16. Yeah bro currently on a 6 plant multi-strain grow. It is still early tho,im on day 34 of my grow. I wanna make a grow journal but i think its a little too late
  17. Naw lil bitch wont be coming back n fuckin around no more
  18. It's never too late lol, if there autoflower, you got 30-90 days, if they're photoperiod, it's still early.

  19. Naw they are photoperiod. All feminized seeds.
    Serious seeds AK-47-1
    Serious seeds White Russian-1
    Green House Seeds White Widow-2
    Green House Seeds White Rhino-1
    Reserva Privada OG Kush-1
  20. Hell yea, thats gonna be a badass harvest. I'd follow if you made a journal

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