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Stolen weed, unsure of what to do...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Endy08, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Ok so I'm picking up greenery from a dealer friend of mine. I brought two friends along because of the distance of the drive. I picked up, as did one of the two others with me, and we get home without incident, smoking about a gram altogether before arriving back.

    According to two different scales, of the two bags that were purchased, one was legit weight, and my 'ounce' weighed a little over 17g. Logically, my dealer is honest and didn't rip me off, my homie had just bought weed of his own, and the third is the likely suspect.

    Then, after I left town a few days later, the third person (jobless, lives with parents) from the car magically began selling around a quarter of medical in 20 bags. 4 different people came to us and told us it was the same... This was the icing on the cake for me.

    I've got support from everyone in our group, but I feel so conflicted kicking his ass. I went to high school with him and even have lived with him in the past, and he does this to me.

    Is a beating justified? I rely on this, and he undeniably stole $200 from me... That may not sound like a lot, but I work and go to school. I need my money.
  2. He stole from you and his hand should be cut off, if it the only true form of justice.
  3. Call him out and see what his excuse is, let him know that you know he screwed you over. If he doesn't care then yea, he deserves a beat down. If he does care he will fix the situation.
  4. shoulda said something there and then, like what the fuck this ounce his heaps under! see if he said anything/how he reacted then proceeded from then. Too late for that.
    Anyway, you should definitely ask him about it, and go in detail like remember a few days ago when we picked up and my ounce was under and then you suddenly began selling? what was that about. Be direct, lay all your cards on the table, and at this point stay calm, your just asking him, your 'not' accusing him. See what he has to say, if its bullshit sketchy or nonsense, teach him a lesson, and tell him if he doesnt pay you back hes going to have to stay after class.
  5. be smart..

    you dont gotta go straight to violence..

    first, be damn sure you didnt fuck up yourself (weigh wrong, misplace, etc) and make sure hes the one with your weed.

    ask him about it.. ask him to let you look at a bit of it. if hes sketchy about it then thatll tell you somethin..

    if he really stole your weed tell him to pay you for what he took..

    if shit doesnt go smooth then go from there..
  6. I inquired, and even called my dealer about the whole situation before anything else that night. He did not act sketch at this point. Days later, i went home to another town, and got word he was slinging my shit... He's not going to admit it, i don't think, but it was the four accounts from my people there that swung me... I'll post back if i don't get arrested, i guess.
  7. Wait till he's sold it all, then concoct a scheme to get $300 out of him, tell him you've got a killer deal on a qp of dank and you want to go half with him. Deliver $100 of schwag.
  8. beat his ass and take whatever money he has.
  9. Personally I would of never let anyone touch the bags until I weighed it myself. It's kind of fucked up, but that's how you have to be around people.
  10. its too bad you have shitty friends. fuck him up:smoking:
  11. call a whambulance.
  12. [quote name='"NEsurfr"']its too bad you have shitty friends. fuck him up:smoking:[/quote]

    Awesome avatar man.
  13. Why was he touching your bag... It doesn't make sense when would he have gotten the time to be alone with your bag of weed? Like something doesn't add up unless you let him hold onto it... It's kinda your fault too for not keeping track of that shit doesn't matter how long you are friends with the people you can't trust anyone with your shit cus you don't know what's going through there head just saying but I hope the best for you... I've been robbed like this and have been in shittier situations I know what your going through with this you feel disrespected and used and manipulated but honestly take it as a life lesson learn from it and move on. If you find out he did do it kick his ass behind closed doors don't give any proof it was you who shit kicked him
  14. It was stupid, but i had stashed my ounce pretty much in the backseat where i normally keep things like that... He had a long window of time to slide it out and pinch, as he was sitting back there all except 15 minutes. I didn't directly let him touch it, but he saw where i hid it. The proof is in my now 6 friends telling me he has the same... It was very distinct medical.
  15. talk to him.

    he will pay you back.

    if not open a fat can of whoop ass on him
  16. A bowl of Hot oil and a public accusation is in order!

    Do it like the Africans!
  17. "Revenge is a dish best served cold" other words, let it go and wait for your chance.....
  18. He is obviously no friend of yours. Demand the 200$, and if he doesn't pay, kick the shit out of him. That's unacceptable
  19. Id rob him back n never talk to that doucher again.
  20. Thievery has no place in the civilized world, if you KNOW he stole from you, do what you know is right.

    Don't go giving the lad a Glasgow grin if you simply 'suspect' him of robbing you, as that can make you look like jerk (to say the least).

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