Stolen sidekick... pritty funny

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. haha, that's pretty good... especially when all the pics and data automatically upload to the backend server, where the original account holder can view it (as has obviously been done with the pics)
  2. All you can do is hope that this guy and his friend triumph over these dumb ass crooks. I recently had a cell phone stolen out of my dorm room, like its annoying in the fact that its like so much money to get a new one, but also i lost over 400 phone numbers. I currently have 100 in my new phone, many of those numbers are irreplacable as I really had no other contact with those people. This shit really burns my biscuits. I dont want to say anyhting else, im just going to make some comments that will make me seem like an asshole so im done.
  3. cell phones are gay.

    They didn't catch on in the 80's either.
  4. That was a waste of my time to read heh sorry I dont understand why it would be so popular, is there something im not getting? peoples phones get stolen everyday :p
  5. Yeah really R_M what ever happened to pagers Now that was a snappy invention. :D JOE>
  6. haha yea, page me, and then I can run around looking for a pay phone to call you back from.

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