Stolen plants and is it too late??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by wv-toker, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Ok me and my freind had 9 plants growing on a mountain top in the perfect place..Well the only thing is we went to water them one day and the ones that were sprouted up already were GONE!!!It is total bullshit, but shit happens right?Well anyways I was wondering is it to late in the year to plant some more seeds and still git some bud..I live in the southern part of West Virginia and I have seeds already germinated (Checked them 2 hours ago), but is it ok to just start them in a cup of potting soil and start from there and then transplant when they get larger??Might put them in buckets this time around since som1 stoled the last ones so I will figure sumthin out but is this ok???
  2. You will still get some bud, albeit a much reduced yield. The quicker you get them babes growing in the sun the better.
    And my commiserations on your misfortune.
  3. If its indica then you have lots of time im in (46 degree lat) . My window of opportunity (for planting) is between May 20 to July 14..... being your in West Virginia i figure your window would be alot bigger than only guessing but id say april 25 to Nov 10, so with said on my estimates id guess you could plant as late as Aug 1.
    The longer you wait to plant the less time the plant will benefit from the Sun, but not nessary less bud just smaller plants is all.
  4. Tyr to compensate for the smaller plants by growing more, sounds a good plan.

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