stolen phone ---> beatdown

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  1. well the other day during my classes on tuesday my phone got stolen during break while i was grabbing some pizza and left my bag on the ground
    now keep in mind this is a motorola slvr which id bought about a month ago without signing a new contract which means i paid a ton of money for it
    i dont think anything of it and just think some random asshole stole my phone and ill never get it back so today (wednesday) i was planning on going to go buy a new one which is a break on my bank and could easily buy an O with; turns out later that afternoon he prank calls lots of people in my phone book swearing at them and these people think its me so i have a couple people kinda pissed off at me
    next day during break some kid walks up to me and says he'll tell me who stole my phone for $5...i said bullshit motherfucker and pulled him up out of his chair up to my eyelevel
    i said youre gonna tell me who the fuck stole my phone or youre gonna get it twice as bad
    he ends up telling me it was some kid named robert and i know this kid from one of my bio classes last year
    so im waiting before several of my classes to find this kid each class bringing a few buddies with me to watch what goes down
    before my last class of the day today i see him coming out of the bathroom
    i drop my bag rip off my sweatshirt and am ready to throw down
    i walk up to this kid and start asking him about it and he denies everything even though this kid during my break yesterday swore on the good lord this little fucker took it
    he starts denying it more and laughing at me and i get so heated, my friend dave yells for me to light him up
    robert started walked away i pulled him up in front of me and i can tell he doesnt think im gonna do anything just by the look in his eyes
    i said you better be ready to throw down, shove him once then clock him in the face, he turns around, pulls his head down and i just start drillen him with punches just cracking him in the back of the head, hes about to fall and if i were to get him on the ground itd be DONE
    a hall monitor pulled me from behind and im definately not gonna get into it with him unless i want to be f'ed
    i get brought into the administrators building and this kid goes to the nurse with the monitor (cant handle a little roughin up hahahaha) and the on school police officer comes down to the office
    i was asked to tell my side of the story, told the administrator he stole me phone and when confronted he swung at me (not true) and that i took him down in self defense; long story short he gets searched, they find my phone on his person and i was asked if i wanted to press charges
    i said no because if hed try to stick a lawsuit on me or something and thatd be a problem im not willing to deal with
    the officer says im very generous, shakes my hand and tells me i can return to class while he most likely got suspended

    what do yall think? should i have told the truth? i feel kinda bad
    props to the nicest copper ive ever talked to and believed what i said though haha
  2. No you shouldn't have told the truth, you handled the situation just fine. But if no one other than your people saw you beat the shit out of him, then you should have pressed charges because then if he did file a lawsuit against you it would be your word against his. And since he stole your phone it would make your story seem more credible.
  3. I think you did the right thing.

    That guy got what was comin' to him. LoL
  4. You handled the situation well,
    As said by durbanpoison, he got what was coming to him.
  5. that kid had it coming.

    what a little bitch
  6. good job man, your lucky he had the phone on him, otherwise you probaly would have gotten in trouble too, but once they found your phone, hah, you could've told the cops he was a drug dealer and they probaly would've searched his car and maybe his house! haha.
  7. Great story, if someone did that to me I would beat the shit out of them...

  8. ha you got your phone back and beat his need to press charges. I think this society sucks because people want to sue eveyone for nothing. Im glad you beat his ass though.
  9. for sure man

    what ever happened to the good ol fashioned ass whoopin?
  10. No need to feel bad man, you handled the situation perfectly. You told a little fib to save your ass at the end, but its all good because he stole your phone, you beat his ass and he diserved every bit of it.
  11. couldnt you have just got ur mates to hold him down while you searched for your phone?

    edit: and never hit someone on the back of the head, you could have killed him
  12. looking through my call history today, i see a 1-800 number. a sex chat line for 4$ a minute was called.
  13. ^^^^Back to the KY Jelly for him.
  14. sucks that it had to go down like that, but he'll never steal your fucking cell phone again haha.

    I hate thieves.

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