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  1. I'll make it as brief as I can. A good buddy of mine is under the same plan as me and my GF. For the last 2 months he's lagged on payments cuz he's jobless. We had to cover his payment. I told him weed* need the phone back and I was going to go get it that night. He agreed. When I got there we all picked up and smoked. It was chill. When I went to leave I asked him for the phone and he started coming up with excuses and REFUSED. We argued a while for the phone and he kept going on about how he just got a job, his GI bill was coming in, and needed the phone. He would not even hint at giving me the phone. I said I would physically take it from him. He said fine and took like 5 minutes putting on his shoes before we went outside and threw down. The fight was less of a fuck you its my phone fight, but more of a desperation act. We hugged it out after and I went home phoneless. My gf is most likely going to call the cops for her phone. Are there any better alternatives?
    No I'm not going back with a bat or anything stupid. We're on neutral terms right now I'd like to keep it that way.
    TLDR; Best way to get a stolen phone back from someone you know? Anyone have experience with cops? Any ideas besides killing him?
    Thanks and stay high bros!
  2. First , turn off the phone so he can't text or anything . Then lock the phone so he can't even use the shit. Is it a phone with these capabilities? If not then it might not even worth trying to get back.

    Either way , dude won't pay up so that's his fault. You shouldn't feel bad about taking something away from someone that they abuse. It's like taking a child's toy when they act like brats.
  3. Don't get the cops involved. That sounds like a terrible idea.
    I second going back with a bat.
  4. There is a valid legal argument that the phone is not stolen. Law enforcement will view this as a civil matter because the phone is on your account and it appears you have given the phone to him for use...whether it was a loan or gift is not relevant to them. He had your authorization and consent to use the phone.

    The best thing to get his attention, as noted above me, is to have the phone company shut off that phone. They can do that either by calling or by going into the store. Just indicate you want to remove a phone from your plan. It's that simple...

  5. I'm not for violence at all, especially sense he's your bud. So I'd agree with Ann Ontmous^ not sure if the part about the cops not being able to do anything is true. But you can easily take him off your plan without causing any complications. So please no baseball practice lol. But other than that good luck and I hope it all gets sorted out
  6. Just get it shut off until he can start paying again. He won't be too mad he can still use wifi I suppose but won't be able to make phone calls or text.
  7. The phone was disconnected as soon I got home. But there's no point ME paying dor a dead phone when I have my gf dad that said hed take it. I can't just simply take it off the plan, I called already. Im going to ask for his pink slip as collateral. If not, my gf is going to call the cops. If those guys can't do anything I know a guy who plays baseball. I'm the last guy who will condone violence especially because he's my "friend." But enough is enough. Thank you guys for letting me see past the bullshit. I just want my fucking phone back. I'll keep you guys updated on what happens.
  8. P.S. The reason I can't simply take it off the plan is because it's still under contract.
  9. More scared to break a contract with a wireless provider than to confront your "friend?"

    I think your priorities are kinda backwards somewhere....

  10. When it costs me 300+ to break contract, yes its a bit of a concern.
  11. If you are THAT afraid of breaking a contract, then tell them the phone cannot be located and you need that one turned off...meanwhile, they can get a replacement on the plan and 'friend' is not sponging off the account.

    More likely is that if you would go into the store, they will be able to roll you into a NEW plan without a penalty for the issues on the OLD plan. There is a reason some people are perpetually under contract...while some like me have not had a contract in close to a decade despite having the same number with the same carrier for close to 20 years.

  12. There's no reason to call the cops. The guy didn't do anything illegal. Its not illegal to be a cheap skate. Cops need to be available for emergencies not dealing with petty squabbles. Just shut the damn phone off and don't put anyone on your contract again......take it as a lesson learned
  13. You can have the service suspended without breaking the contract. Chances are you'll still have to make the payment but your doing that anyways. I would rather pay for an unused phone then let someone take advantage of me.
  14. I can argue its stealing since it's MY phone. The service is already suspended. If cops can't help in a situation like this, then they're even more useless than I thought.
  15. Don't get your hopes up. I highly doubt they will go to his residence and take the phone from him to give to you. No offense but they probably have bigger fish to fry.
  16. I know man. It's my gfs idea and I'm not going to convince her otherwise.
  17. I bet you will file a report and they "might" get to it doubt it though. Does he have it on him? If he is unemployed looking for money I would bet he sold it. I'm afraid it will be chalked up as a learning experience for you, but take solace in the fact that you are a generous person.
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    Sorry, then small claims court for an early termination fee and a couple months. Doesn't really seem worth it. Why do you want his phone so badly anyway? Just let him keep it, for someone who doesn't have much you really are going to do that to him? I mean obviously you could afford to pay for it because you seem to have already done so, so just chalk it up as a lesson in not letting other people on your phone plan as a favor.
  19. Note to OP. Don't do that haha

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