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  1. Alright so i stole from walmart a while back $300 worth of video games, and today i need to go a alternative justice thing for doing that... I know there gona make me do community service but im just nervous, like i know what to expect, i know whats its gona be like, i know i was a retard for doing it... But i just need some way to chill out. I already have butterflys in my stomach but i'm not even there.. Good thing about this alternative justice is that i get no record and as long as i do what they tell me i'm fine... but yeah im super worried, my mom is going too, just cause she wants too (even though she doesnt have to they said). But yeah what can i do to relax? This happened when i was 17, and im 18 now. Its gona suck when they ask me why i did it... cause i honestly dont have a good reason i was just stupid.
  2. let them know you know it was stupid and youve cleaned up your act since then.
  3. Stealing shit is pretty stupid, yeah, but what's past is past. If they're letting you do alternative justice then you won't be punished, so there's not much of a problem. The only damage you'll receive is to your dignity. Don't worry about it; anyone that sees you at walmart can't hate, they're at walmart!
  4. Like i really regret it more than anything else i've ever done my whole entire life... my problem is i hate telling people that it was a mistake... its like i get stage fright which is exactly what it is... you tell a group of members what you did and then they think of a plan to repay for the crime you did... like i said i'm guessing its gona be community service, but what is really pissing me off is my mom is gona be there, i hate that feeling of disappointment too, and her being there is just gona add on to it... any ideas how i can stop this anxiety and butterflys?
  5. $300 in vid games niiice whatd you get? did you have to give em back howd you get caught? how long did you get away with it?
  6. I cant go to walmart for a year lol, i dont really care about not being able to go there, i'm moving soon anyways.
  7. 300$ worth of video games??? wtf. I mean I stole some Eye drops before but not videogames.. Good luck to you tho.
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    I got caught, so it wasn't really nice and honestly IT WAS FUCKING STUPID.. i'll tell you what i did later after this alternative justice. Cause it's actually a really good story, but thank god i had no record otherwise i would've gone to court instead, and thank god it's not gona be on my record!
  9. I used to steal weed from walmart (I live in Holland) :rolleyes: then I grew up (was 12 then) and started growing my own.

    Not really, but still.

    Community service can't be that bad, you get to meet crazy people probably, maybe even some people who blaze haha. Just accept your losses and move on, letting it affect you is worthless.
  10. I'm not really letting it affect me, i'm just nervous even though i know what to expect :(

  11. you were just being a stupid kid and you regret the act of stealing. dont give them any room to say "you regret stealing, or getting caught?"
  12. If they ask me that i would just tell them that i regret stealing, cause its true.. if i never stole i would never have been caught, and i wouldnt even be in this mess im in right now.
  13. That was smart. Yeah just be remorseful. Show sympathy. If you say you regret it with no emotions, they'll probably assume you aren't sincere and they'll nail you. So like... mean what you say. Don't cry though, pussies do that
  14. The cop, and the security guy are supposed to be there too... fuck this feeling, i hate it.
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    nobody asked yet and I am dying to know. How did you try to take them, and how did you get caught???
    EDIT: scratch what I previously said, someone has already asked this question lol. Still really want to know though!
  16. Alright i'm on off to the place now... fucking freaking out bad, i got butterflys, i feel like i gotta take a super shit... probably my IBS and yeah... IM FREAKING OUT, wish me luck guys... ill tell you how it goes
  17. What happened today Alright so im back, i need to write a apology letter to my family, the officer, and walmart. I got 40 hours of community service... and i also need to write a reflection letter on how i can avoid getting the urge to commit another theft... HONESTLY fuck all this but i gotta do it. It pisses me off though, just cause i didn't show any sympathy or remorse they had a bad first impression of me? Like wtf way to be close minded they dont even know half the shit that goes on in my life (my life ain't that great). Also i already showed most of my sympathy during my own time... like they thought i didn't really regret it, but honestly i do more than anything ive ever done. But yeah it pissed me off, they said what i did is something only a criminal would even think of? Like thats bs we all get times when we want to steal something "just most of us don't", so yeah. I told them i wanted to just get it over with, and one of the people there told me this is just the start.. honestly it was stupid, and my mom being there did make it worse...

    What happened that day i did it
    Now im gona fully explain what i did and what happened, twas the day after the christmas, not a flake on the ground, i was hungry for $$$. I decided to go into walmart and steal a bunch of video games, i brought a mini blade that happened to be in a calculator, and i decided to cut open the plastic off a ton of video games. I kept on doing that, and finally i put like 30 cds in my pocket, and finally bam i get this bad feeling like im gona get caught... so i think about for 10min should i do this should i really risk it... and you know what i did.. i walk out of the store and a few seconds about 10 seconds after that a guy grabs my shoulder, he says you needa come with me, the cops are here... im like ohhh shit, obvii im not gona run. So they bring me to the backroom empty my pockets, and somehow they only find 3 games lol! I was fuck yeah! in my head but at the same i was like fuck fuck fuck this can't be happening. All of a sudden another walmart guy walks in, he says i need to search your pockets again. After they search my pockets once again he finds all the rest of the games. They take my pic, tell me i can't go to walmart again, and tell me i should be getting two letters in the mail 1 from walmart, and 1 from alternative justice...
  18. tell them you'll start stealing from Target :p
  19. I used to steal shit when I was younger but I stopped now and regret doing them. Forgetting about your past mistakes is part of becoming an adult.
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    Dude im never stealing again, it just really pissed me off that they thought i wasnt actually sorry... They were asking me why i did it, and all this other shit like how long i thought of that plan before i did, and that most people would just walk out of the store with a bunch of videos games without even opening the cases... I told him its common sense that theres alarms that go off when you walk out of the store, and he told me i have a CRIMINAL MIND? LIKE WTF! Just cause im not fucking stupid doesnt mean i have a criminal mind... It really pissed me off. There was another kid there (my age) who works for that alternative justice, and the older guy who told me i have a criminal mind asked him if people think like that and he said... no? Like fuck you i wanted to say that sooo bad
    Yeah man exactly like they wanted me to like remember my mistake... why would i want to remember it was a mistake... All i wanna do now is fix it. Seriously i wish i thought of everything im saying right now there... i might even call them tomorrow and mention a few of these things.

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