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  1. Hello Grasscity Community,
    I have a question about my new SToK Silver Package Vape Pen. I received this gem from a very gracious friend. I reside in a state where this type of contraption is not normal. This pen houses a F5 Funnel Cloud Cartridge. I know this does not take dry herbs or liquids. I see so many different names and varieties that I guess I'm a little confused. With all the verbiage out there I was wondering if any of you knew of a previous post or may provide the answer to this one. What the difference, if any, is between all the products. I mean from: concentrate, extract, oil, wax, budder, shatter, errl, crumble, dabs, etc? Also does anyone know what product this SToK F5 Funnel Cloud actually takes. I would really appreciate any clarification on this. I will continue to try and find the answers but if anyone could assist in leading me in the right direction, I would really be thankful.  Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Have a nice day everyone.


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  2. Well I will do my best to try. Concentrate refers to concentrated cannabis aka hash. BHO is butane hash oil. Dabs, shatter, wax, butter, errl, crumble and honey comb are for the most part all the same thing in different consistencys. They all are talking about BHO or CO2 extract. Dab is typically the act of smoking such said concentrate, exaple: "I am so high off of that dab I took". It can also reffer to a hit of BHO "load me up a dab" All it takes it just a dab.
    I have zero experience with that model of pen but it looks like all the rest of them. It is a vapor pen for vaping wax. If you don't have access to wax then its a paper weight.
    Hope this cleared up all your questions.
  3. Mannn this explained it perfectly. Thank you. Ye I got a buddy in a neighboring state that can can grab some wax.  I am very new to this, as information (hands on wise) isn't available in these parts. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it out. This is a big help, Thank you trixman22 

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