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--Stockton, Cali Pick-Ups--

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 9110, May 26, 2009.

  1. My Buds from Stockton, California. More to come.

    5/25/09-No Name Purp

  2. DO I SEE A HINT OF PURPLE?! :hello:
  3. good buds
  4. Indeed you do.
  5. cali bud <3

    nice pick up! :hello:
  6. Looks like some pretty nice bud.
  7. damn nick and nate diaz get some good bud there.:smoking:
  8. this is good to see. i'll be in stockton in august. going to be attending university of the pacific
  9. lol purple... so easy to make

    Nice buds, very resinous.

  10. Ill have some more pick ups posted later this week for you; better quality too.
  11. what up Eric its MC good pick up
  12. I love living in stockton haha

  13. I second that.
  14. Hah thirded, good buds and drugs are always easy to find.
  15. Dub 9, most miserable place to live in the country haha. at least you can get good bud
  16. Not that miserable when you have a supply of acid, weed, and pills haha but seriously it does kinda suck the weather is hot as hell in summer.
  17. Haha I'm right over by Fresno. How much do you guys pay per zip?
  18. Could be anywhere from 200-300 most likely 250.

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