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  1. So recently i have been interested in the stock market and i have signed up for a practice market before i go onto the real thing. Anyone here own any stocks?What stocks? And can you say how much money you have made. Also how do you read trends and what are your strategies in the stock market. help me out im a newb:wave:
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    Look up Cytori therapeutics Ive been invested in them since april (1000 shares) and am up a HUGE %. Do your own research into them but they are the next big advance in medicine.

    CYTX is the symbol.

    Obviously do your own DD.

    This is my virtual trading account that I started in december. Im addicted to it

  3. yea i started doing that fantasy stock market thing too to get some practice, thanks for the input
  4. is also a great tool
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    I really need to get more involved with investing...
  6. I used to run through until I lost my ass. (turned $5000 into $981 before I pulled out). If you want to experiment, don't do it with real money.
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    Obama really doesn't want anyone to make a profit in the markets does he? Yesterday was UGLY.

    To bad he can't stop my GOLD MINE that is CYTX

    Normally I wouldn't tell anyone about what I do with my money but I'm just so happy with this company and feel so strongly about it that I hate not sharing it.

    There's tits on the website so you won't be bored.
  8. Stocks can be VERY finicky. Especially in today's market. I am invested in some mutual funds through fidelity; have been for the past few years. I was hurt during the crash in 08, but am recovering slowly. Be sure if you are investing in company stocks you are using money you can afford to lose. Just in case you do.

  9. you're up 200k? i feel so good about you i live in Nc too ;)

    guess what i'm wearing...
  10. Shamelessly pumping;)

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