stock market will crash...

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    October 20th, two weeks from today. Just have a feeling, no current proof. However, there's no real point in arguing over this as it is purely based off my own speculation, so I will ask you what you guys forsee happening over the next few weeks/months/years in terms of the [IMO] orchestrated [/IMO] financial crisis?

    Also, First post :metal:

  2. In 2012, the world will end and we all will die.

  3. Yeah, the world didn't end the last million times humans have predicted it, so it MUST happen this time around.
  4. yes just like in 2000 right? and after 2012 the world is going to end in 2033 , and after that im pretty damn sure its gonna end in 2072 , oh and thatll be nothing compaired to when the world ends in 2100! i mean that has the number '100' in it!!!!

  5. Sarcasm is “a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter jibe or taunt.”

  6. So doe's that mean you were trying to taunt me? :smoking:
  7. Sarcasm is lost in written text :wave: Unless you put a :p or something else to let people know you're not serious.

  8. lol that is true. lol i promise though i dont beleive in 2012 mayan thingy ma jiggy.
  9. I can't wait for 2012. People are gonna be so jumpy, it'll be sick.

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    I feel like the consistently rising value of gold is an obvious precursor to the collapse of any currency, as it signifys that some people's faith is shifting. Bernanke came out the other day and said the financial situation could crash at any time (that's a one sentence summary of my own take on a very long speech... read it yourself), All this bullshit going on overseas... Midterms coming up... as well as other factors. There are some other things but again, I might just be a loon.

    The ants go marching one by one hoorah! [IMO] Marching towards Fascism lol [/IMO]
  11. In other news October 20th will be the best morning to view the Hartely 2 comet as it passes by the Earth/Sun. Only once every 133 years or so does this happen.
  12. I don't need to worry about the market, I poop gold.
  13. This.

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    Well, even if you COULD biochemically deficate gold, even in rosebud-sized craps, at the production speed of natural human defication, you would drive the value of gold down due to your increase in quantity, as rarity is the definer of the value. Your "self-sustaining" system would inevitably collapse, so you lose.

    Personally, I think you'd get kidnapped, and farmed for your golden dung.
  15. Good thing I poo oil.

    The demand for that isn't going down anytime soon.
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    Wouldn't you rather piss oil? I mean, Instead of shitting a wet clump of oil once a day? You'd maybe be able to warm your house at that rate...certainly not make a sustaining living... a fucking barrel is worth like 90 bucks, ahahaha, you'd be makin like $45 a year. And for this reason, you lose.

    Also, (off-topic) the evitable development of free "infinite" energy technologies, creating a limitless amount of energy by harnessing universal electromagnetic fields (the design and ability is being saught after, if not developed already), so that form of oil's dependency would flat-line. So, LOSE!

    :metal: DDL FTW
  17. The market is schizophrenic. It's WAY ahead of itself and will come tumbling down. I love to hear "analysts" blow gas from their mouths. They have no fucking clue what they are talking about. World economies are in the dumps. Countries are bankrupt. Jobs are hemorrhaging like a stabbed pig. Real estate prices are doing a swan dive. Bankruptcies are a daily occurrence.

    It's just a matter of time when the stock markets will follow suit.

  18. The only reason that's the case is that we have profit-driven, corrupt, selfish, dehumanizing, power-lusting sociopaths with the "free market" in their pockets.

    Thing is, what happens when the major dominoes begin to start falling, causing tsunami-like domino effects? Well... same thing that always happens... War. I would hope most people would be above it, but all I see is a straight arrow heading towards a public WWIII. The scary thing about that too is, we'll see the war being waged not only in terms of soldier vs. soldier, as no current army could really prevail against an American/Isreali Military duet. Therefore, we'll see it being waged on a different front, i.e. The shaky American economy will be the #1 target of those opposed to the globalization efforts of Elitist's basing themselves within America (ex. Council on Foriegn Relations)

    I feel like something big will happen within the next month (As in, one of those things the MSM won't stop repeating for days/weeks [IMO] as a means of "brainwashing"... because who owns the MSM? The same folks pushing us into this mess[/IMO]), obviously blamed on either Iran or Pakistan (or both?) in one way or another (though I'm sure their involvement will be highly questionable) creating a public incentive for the WWIII. The stock market will begin it's evitable crash relatively soon; [IMO] Again, my feeling is 20/10/2010 [/IMO]...

    We've had talks about the Al CIA-da planning attacks, we've raised the Terror threat level, Americans are being warned about travelling to Europe, whereas "British Intelligence" having been refuting the claims of the "attacks plots" on major cities overseas. Tens of millions have also been protesting in Europe, as should there be Americans, and their are certainly people trying. [IMO] however, a majority will find it too hard to pull themselves out of their nice comfy couch indent, or the dissociative trance their Prozac/other pharmaceuticals are putting them in, or maybe they're too busy shopping at Walmart or eating at McDonalds [/IMO] :confused_2:

    The dollar will collapse, and gold (and other precious metals) will become a "security measure" for the wealthy, as their main concern is maintaining their level of wealth/control, and disguishment of social class. This [IMO explains [/IMO] the constant rise in gold's value over the past year or so.

    So, November the US will probably raid either Iran or Pakistan (but of course, since the collective majority of Americans no longer support the Wars we're already in, we'll see another attack/manufactured incentive - same thing) and that'll cause an uproar overseas. From here, What I see happening, is China backing Iran in some way or another (they've both been cyber-attacked already) China may also make a pre-emptive move to drive the value of Gold down, thereby disallowing America to make any sort of short-term economic recovery. As far as Russia's role in all this, [IMO] I'm sure they'd (possibly covertly) aid in the forces against the USA/Israel for an attempt at an ambitious rise to top of the Superpowers. This may be on an economic front [/IMO] Russia is getting increasingly impatient with NATO and the USA/Israel's farming of opium in Afghanistan, as many Russians are developing a heroin addiction.

    Overall, I see the frameworks for the rise (and eventual collapse, hopefully) of the NWO, and a public Third World War.

    WWIII won't last any longer than 48 months, but the damage and deathtoll will be astronomical if any of this happens...

    After we leave a significant majority of the world mutiliated, and billions in distress, we'll see the (real) rise of the NWO (or some other covertly fascist regime, that'll give the whole HOPE bullshit) so that "this never happens again!" Meanwhile, they are the ones who got us into the whole mess, by design. Again falls back into the category of Problem-Reaction-Solution

    Again, all my crazy ideas that I felt like sharing. Constructive critism encouraged :smoke:
  19. It's all been well orchestrated by those at the top of the pyramid: divide and conquer - bankrupt and control. There are forces at play that most people have no clue about.

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