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Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by AZGREENery, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. This little fucker stinks so bad and it's only 10 inches tall lol but I tell you what I baby the fuck out of it and the feeding and watering regime is so spot on so that I get good results, I'm pleased thus far...

    Has thick layer of trichs on both sides of the leaves, I didn't know trichs grow on the bottom side also.. probably why it stinks so much

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  2. Tiny plant but man she is pretty.
    Looks like some nice smoke
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  3. Lol i know right, I had topped it and 2 days later it started flowering. I knew itvwas only gonna hit a foot max but itd be a hitter because of how big the leaves are... Yea it smells potent bro so I could imagine if it was like 2 feet tall
  4. Do you know the strain?
  5. I obtained about 15 to 20 bags she's off some cookies a couple offers some Yoda OG and a couple off of some King Louie not through them all in the same jar thinking that I would remember which is from which and I'm pretty good at doing that so I have it under that it came off the King Louie but it looks and it smells kind of like some cookies and my homie that just grew some cookies was like what strain is that and I was like honestly I really don't know I think it's some OG or cookies but he was like damn cuz he's like that she looks just like my cookies

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