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Stinky Blue Cheese Nug [Pic]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Potencies, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Saw a thread someone posted with a picute of their dank and thought I would put up this Blue Cheese I had last week. It literally smelled like stinky feet and toejam, and cheese of course :smoke: It was great:D

  2. Nice looking nug broski
  3. Looks nice and frosty

    ...would probably be noticed more in the stash jar section place though
  4. Looking Great my friend, you enjoy that!!!! :)

  5. I would love to enjoy it, but I had this last week and I only had 2.5 g's :(
  6. I swear you just posted this a few days ago. Looks dank tho

  7. I know man, sorry bout that. I just didn't get many comments on it so I re uploaded :p
  8. bump it upppp
  9. Niiiiice!
  10. the eye in your picture is exactly what happens to me :( i never have eye drops either, only after smoking atleast like a few bowls though
  11. You've reposted this same topic 3 times man. Move on lol
  12. it smelled like this little guy?

    Attached Files:

  13. This. I've seen this like eight times lol
  14. WRONG SECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks pretty nice though :D
  15. Nice nug again... Still enjoy looking at that bloodshot eye. Mine looked like that once
  16. That may be the coolest sig I have ever think you can tell me where you got it!? I won't steal it I promise :cool: but I would like to have that picture as a wallpaper or something

  17. I think someone drew it on this forum. Im not sure who did it though. I do agree though it looks wicked lol.
  18. i feel like i saw this same picture in another thread
  19. tha weed is pretty man, but you description made me gag. No offense i hate cheese strains with a passion, i like the high but the smell turns me off. I like only a few kinds of real cheese maybe its because of that.

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