Stinky Balls

Discussion in 'General' started by ILoveSpaghetti, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. hey everyone

    this seems random, but does anyone else have trouble with their balls stinking? here in florida, they get all sweaty and smell terrible. anyone have any ideas about how to avoid the stank-ness? i wash mine every night with body wash and conditioner (gotta keep those pubes soft) and they still get stinky the next day.
  2. hit those lil n!ggaz up with some baby powder after you shower, it will take all the moisture off of your scrot' and your balls will smell like cinnamon rolls
  3. i tried that, but when i sweat the powder just cakes up. it really sucks, especially when im chafing. on a side note, aloe gel works great for chafing.
  4. hang an air freshener from your boner then
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  5. Female saliva works good.
  6. Next scratch 'n' sniff scent?
  7. Go Underwear free, its alot roomier and you get a nice breeze
  8. Use a shampoo with zinc pyrithione in it, like head and shoulders. It's has an anti bacterial and an anti fungal effect.

    Zinc pyrithione - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This put an end to any dry skin on my scalp, on my face and any smells like your describing.

    Also clears up most blemishes. Has many uses.
  9. I was told that ladies love the aroma and mouth feel of a nice, sweaty ball sack. Have I been misled? :confused:
  10. its called sweat yo.

  11. Hahaha no way man.

  12. haha barf

  13. You're a lesbian though of course you don't like sweaty balls.
  14. [ame=]YouTube - Schwetty Balls - SNL[/ame]
  15. Just beacuse you said this and IM drunk as a motherfucker I took off my underwera and man i gotta say it is nice~! +1 rep to you!

  16. True. But I have talked to many straight girls... and they usually don't like them either. haha
  17. I don't know. A lot of chicks dig the stinky balls smell... at least from my experience :laughing:
  18. thats bacteria that's inside of cheese man
    scrub your shit when you shower let the bubbles stay on you for a while let it soak in the aroma and bacteria killing agents
  19. How does one get cheese bacteria on one's balls? I love cheese but never in that way.

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