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stink buddy 6 site grow (anybody) help?

Discussion in 'Aeroponics' started by deweyj, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. :smoke:so were looking at a medical crop from a stink buddy, but are a little concerned about a potential failure. we dont want it to fail as the last of the dirt grow is ended. we would like all input and success and failure stories, pictures and plants as well as smoke reports and quality comments. the original stink buddy only, yet include any mods. such as an original being 24" wide, modded to a 20" closet space to allow doors to slide, or lowering the height to allow more canopy to light space, prehaps relocation of reservoir to make the unit more compact.
    were totally open to ideas and would like the most info available. i picked up the high times and read up on it all and got two units from another source who runs them very successfully. seen it done but yet to get it up and going. other growers are getting great results but really dont want to have others in their site. (very understood) so w/o a mentor we have put off our own till now. weve been dirt folks and have mastered that but are a little intimidated by a water grow.
    so give it to us good, bad, or ugly, i want to learn from your success and failures.
    thanks in advance, to all who offer input. -D-
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    I just built a system modified from their build for my own needs. I can't tell you how successful it is yet, but I can tell you I love hydro - I find it much easier than soil as well.

    If you're growing larger plants, though, it can be a bit of a hassle when they're fully budded and all because they just get so huge so quickly, so it's important not to skimp on the system or maintenance will be a huge pain. Having a separate reservoir and an easy way to drain it helps out more than I can explain. Also having measures in place to make it easier to support the plant if necessary.

    If you start here:

    and read on through the rest of the thread, you'll see pics/info on my build as I finish it. Someone else is also interested in building something similar for their tent, so feel free to chime in and ask questions as well.

    Here's the original design I put together...

    Mines built for a SOG as well as easy maintenance. I didn't like how the reservoir area was setup for the stinkbuddies' system - I prefer to have everything contained in the reservoir as well as having nothing in the way so I can monitor pH/ppm.

    It's more of an NFT system than anyways (it's not true aeroponics), and I've always heard nothing but great things about NFT - I'm positive I'm going to have great success with this build.

    Feel free to ask me anything on it. I'd be happy to help.
  3. Stinkbuddies design, lowered a few inches for vertical restrictions (inset to the side of the rez), union added for easy rez dump, and external manifold instead of original design manifold internal to the fenceposts.

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