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Stingy Tokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by burtontoker, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. This thread is for you tokers to share your experiences with stingy tokers. I'm sure we are all aware that most people don't give out weed for free, but some of you may have witnessed some pretty stingy tokers unwilling to share with others in certain circumstances where it would have been the normal, or right thing to do.

    I've met some people who I would call stingy, but I don't think its worth sharing a story about people who don't want to give their bud out for free. They didn't have to share, and that really wasn't what bothered me. If you're a cool guy and don't want to give handouts, I understand, but if your entire personality is that of a selfish asshole, then I'd call you stingy. It was these peoples personalities that were unattractive. I don't mean that word in the sense of physical appearance either, just the way those people acted that showed their "true colors." They didn't want to share, and didn't have to, so they aren't really worth a story, but I've still encountered people I consider to be stingy tokers, even though they technically didn't have to share.

    However, one of the experiences I have had with stingy tokers was from highschool. I had this party in highschool at my home, and this kid I knew showed up, first of all uninvited. It wasn't a huge party, really just a gathering of some friends, it wasn't like a party in highschool where you invite any random person you want. I had known him a little, and he seemed alright at the beginning. I had no problems with him, but then he started to show signs of being really stingy. So I provided the "beverages" on my own, a couple friends pitched in maybe 2-3 bucks but I paid the vast majority for the shit, and that was alright, I like to give and it's awesome to get some free beer. To make a long story short, this kid basically drinks quite a few and then pulls out about a quad. He asks if it's cool to smoke and I say, "sure." I like to give people a chance to be courteous and do the right thing, so I didn't act like a pheen and even ask to smoke, I waited for him to offer. I'll admit, it was pretty dank, but he loads a bowl in his piece, and at the time there were only about 4 of us in that room, and he just starts lighting up there, not offering anyone else a hit. He keeps hitting it to himself, and we're all just sitting there waiting for him to offer. I know I could have said "hey can I hit it?" but again, I like to see people show some integrity, the same with my friends. They were chill, and were observing the same as me, to see what this kid was like. Smoking isn't that big of a deal to me, and I had my own bud, but he smoked a whole bowl to himself just sitting there while me and my friends watched, not offering anyone a hit. Meanwhile there are about 7-8 beer cans next to him, hes clearly buzzed of the beer, and still hasn't offered anyone a hit. After he finished the bowl, he loaded another one. After he took a first hit of the second bowl my friend has enough and asks "are you gonna pass it?" and the kid blatantly says "nah I don't share weed this is my personal sac." No shit? Really? Every time I buy a sack its my "personal" fucking sac when I buy it for me. At that point, instead of calling him a moron and kicking him out of my house, I ask "so how was the beer?" and he says "its good I'm feeling great." I ask "do you know who paid for it?" and he just goes "no I dont I thought it was free," I said "no I paid for it, so can I at least take a few puffs?" and he says "no I don't like to share the good stuff," at that point I tell him to get the fuck out of my house. He gets up and leaves, and I learned later he was already known to be a stingy fucker which was why he never really hung out with a lot of people and was basically disliked by everyone.

    Anyone else have stingy toker experiences?

  2. Didnt read the wall of text, but yeah stingy smokers suck :D
  3. That is straight up disrespectful. Some people man :rolleyes:. I would have been like, fine don't share your weed but you owe me 10 bucks for providing you with a place to smoke :p
  4. Yeah stingy people are a fuckin' joke.
  5. I don't see how people can be stingy, like I just don't get it.
    Even when I meet new people, I'll hook them up, I don't care, if they showed some respect for the few minutes I've known you, why not?
    I don't sell, but when I need some money I'll sell some of my bud, and I'm throwing people 1.5-1.8 grams just because I feel like it.
    Being inconsiderate to others with the herb is almost as bad as ignorantly believing all the shit the news fills the publics head with about weed.
    Shits a joke.
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  7. I smoke by myself or with my partner and we have a few friends that come over, but I don't offer, they bring it if they want it. It's not as if it's cheap to buy and generally they aren't smoking just a half a gram!
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    To me it was clear he said an example like yours was okay.

    The thing that gets me(And I assume the OP). Is he came to the OP,s party. He loaded a bowl in a living room of a party and house he was not invited to with only four people in the room and did not offer one bowl(Still okay but not that nice). He then found out he drank all the OP's beer all night and unless he is mentally retarded connected it was his party, Then denied him again.

    That is just downright rude. Your bud is your bud. But do not drink someones alcohol then deny them one hit of your bud in there house.

    I mean hell at a party if I got bud I do not want to share I toke it up in the bathroom or out of sight. Because I feel like a complete ass not offering when you have people standing around you to proud to ask but obviously are hanging for a hit. I will tell someone who does not know me and outright opens with "Can I have some?" To fuck off. It is a matter of respect if you ask me. Why does respect die when marijuana is burned?(That would make a good slogan)
  9. oh i have the stingiest friend. or should i say fiend. numerous accounts.
    once we were out camping outside our town which is a great idea for a big smoke fest by the way. but anyway we all left to get girls except him and he proceeds to smoke my buddys weed. like half a gram all by himself and then had the nerve to ask if we brought any food. and the other night me and a friend were at his house and he had his 'new' girl over so we offered the fiend and his girl to smoke a bowl with us.(my shit) and hes like"no man im all good" obviously acting like he doesnt do it because she didnt want to. so we toke up...alot and then jus chill watching battle LA and as fucking soon as she leaves hes like "alright you guys ready to smoke? i just want to smoke". me and my bud looked at eachother and said no because we had just finished peaking and were glued to the couch. without a word he goes into the kitchen. opens my jar. packs a bowl in MY bong. and walks outside. that was the last straw!
  10. lol "i dont share the good stuff"
    gtfo here then...
    I dont understand how some people can be like that? like obviously nobody is gonna wanna hang out with you hahaha fuck stingies
  11. just reading these stories about these "people" you know makes me mad.
  12. Dude fuck him. Thats all you can really say. Just dont chill with him anymore.
    If someone suggests to chill with him you need to quietly and calmly escort and help them into a woodchipper. Once they are safe inside the woodchipper carefully and i mean CAREFULLY flip the switch and. Boom, now you never have to hang out with stingy people again
  13. You said it very well, basically the guy was a dumbass and thought it was magical free beer thats just given out, obviously someone paid for it. Just the way he was, ahhh, really pisses me off. Its hard to explain unless you've experienced someone like that, but there are just some people who are selfish when it comes to weed. Seriously, if you show up at my house, its obviously my party and I figured out a way to buy the drinks, so they're mine naturally. If you drink a bunch and then deny my friend, and me just a hit of your bud when you have a quarter ounce, you need to get the fuck out.

    This was a few years ago, I think the kid just stopped showing up at school, or maybe he moved, but he wasn't around for much longer after that, people really didn't like him so I think he transferred schools.

    Don't be a dick, share a hit! (that would make a good slogan too, I just thought of it) :hello:
  14. The herb is suppost to bring us all together. -END OF STORY.

    Don't be stingy, If you're good to people, they'll be good to you. If not...burn their house down.

  15. You sir are going places.
  16. Thanks man, it's just the truth.

    The only reason currency is involved in any weed related things is because of "The long arm of the law". I got one thing they should experience, the long tube of my roor going bowl deep in their asses. We forgot what it is to sit down pass a dutch and just recap about life and build stronger bonds with the ones around us. =( Shame.
  17. I woulda beat living shit rocks outah him till he was sober. *Then said sorry dude Insert cool punch line*
  18. I don't think I've met a Stingy person yet. Hell if I have weed (enough of it) ill offer it to whoever i'm with. Like the other month I brought an eighth with my mate i had 3/4 of it he had the other quarter (I paid the most) But anyway, all night I said don't worry about it we'll use mine save yours.

    Ide much rather share mine out and let other people have some fun than me on my own puffing on a spliff or packing a bowl.
  19. Theres also one rule that all of us Male bud smokers must live by. IT IS A MUST!!!
    If you are smoking with a female, she smokes free ALWAYS. Thats because most of the time when we smoke with females we want them to end up enjoying our 2 nugs.

    Love to all my females, i wish more of you would blaze.
  20. I've got a story that's kind of related

    I was chilling with just my one other friend and he said his buddy was going to come over at some point, and it turns out that right after we smoke he ends up showing up. I didn't really feel like smoking with this guy because I just met him and he seems pretty shady and I wasn't really vibing him.

    So for a good while we are sitting and drinking beer and he just starts talking about weed obviously trying to hint at me which I realized. Finally after awhile I offered him to hit off our bowl that we had left and he was like "Yeah man I been waiting for you to ask." So we finish off that bowl and he gets all offended because he 'wasn't even high' even though I was planning on packing a fresh bowl and then he went on and on about how good my bud was(My area is small, usually dry, and full of narcs). Mind you he was hitting that shit like a fiend. Then he starts offering me all sorts of pills and shit and that shit isn't my style so I turn him down. Also found out he drinks Four Lokos like water every day, which with everything together boils down to this kid being a textbook joog.

    I've seen too many of these people and it's why I have gotten more hesitant on sharing bud, but I can usually pick these fiends out pretty easily. I am a fan of sharing bud and booze but when it seems like you are the only one ever sharing then that's a problem.

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