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  1. My best friend (or supposed best friend) is fucking stingy it pisses me off os bad. Every week I get like a q and smoke him up with it all the time. Back in the day he used to buy a q one week then me the next but now he just fukcing stingy. Hes got a job and i dont but i stil pay. Anyway i was past the whole smoking him out thing and accepted it but now hes coming over tommorow to hang out and we always pick up together but now since his bus pass has expired he wont even pay money for the fucking bus!!!!!! Ive known him for like 5 years so its not like i hate him hes still my best friend but hes so stingy man.
  2. thats shitty especially if he has a job!
  3. People take advantage when they can and they'll ride it out for as long as possible.

    Just say something, I did to one of my friends and it caused some tension but after that I didn't lend him any herb for a while and then we were all good cause he started buying his own and it was back to normal.

    Just listen to any rap song about smoking and they talk about people asking them for herb and if they didn't have some money they would laugh at them or something.

    The song I'm thinking of is "I got five on it".
  4. well either he is, 1) Stingy with his money or 2) broke/low on money/etc and hopes that his "best friend" will hook him up with some weed since he doesnt have any money currently.

    I dunno though.

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