Stimulants and Marijuanna....

Discussion in 'General' started by elementxero, Jun 27, 2002.

  1. Hey is it just me, or does a nice Xenadrine (or xendadrine clone) and a good toke session go REALLY well together. Or even just on a lower scale, like coffee or espresso. I just really like the combination.

    I take Stacker2 then toke sometimes and its really nice.

    (before anyone jumps down my ass about the fact that stacker2 is herbal speed...I know, im careful, I never doubledose, I never take it for more than 2 or 3 consecutive days at the MOST, and never more than once a day. I know about every chemical in it and every adverse reaction each has on your body. I have had the same bottle for about a year and I barely put a dent in it.)
  2. dunno doesnt sound to smart. But im gunna take a few vivarin caffeine pills and smoke a lil bit in less than a hour tell ya how it went.
  3. ah vivarins, nectar of the cheap gods :)

    no better source of awakeness for 3 bucks

    dont take more than 2 tho.
  4. lol, aren't those the one's we took during the Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore marathon that we had at my house?
  5. hahaha yeah, that was wicked funny. Not as good as the Stacker2-fueled ghetto LAN party 2001 though.
  6. eh nothing special
  7. dude, i got no idea about that shit. but taking xanax and smoking is the shit. as long as you dont have anything important to do for the whole day. only done it 2 times though. xanax isnt very good for you.
  8. lmao

    for some reason everything is so disjointed to me right now.

    im comin off this shrrom trip and everythng is way more funny :)

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