STilladelph's first grow! CFL content!

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    So the last few zips I bought had a few seeds in it and a close buddy of mine and I started this grow! Neither of us have tried before and we've started based on some info I've read on here so forgive me for my mistakes in the process...

    So ill start by saying that I don't want to say where I'm from, but its pretty Damn cold right this is an indoor grow. Right now we have successfully germinated 1 seed from what I was told to be "Blue Dream" and 3 seeds from what was called "King Kush." I really liked the blue dream.

    Our setup...

    2 plant growing blue 6500k CFL 45w
    2 2700k CFL 26w for fill in

    We used miracle grow organic soil and put planting stones on the bottom of the pots for drainage. We have a pH meter but are still deciding on nutrients.

    Today was first day of planting.
  2. All the pots are in a fish tank for storage purpose, we need to decide on nutrients to use and how to solve the smell issue

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  3. They definitely look watered. Good luck :)
  4. Thanks! Since its our first grow we'd be happy to get anything from these so hope you experienced cali guys chime in with some advice
  5. Nice man looks like a good setup with lights and yeah. haha whats with the fish tank tho?

    If your worried about runoff, you should just get 2 bowls/containers under your pots and empty it after watering.

    That glass is just going to add problems in the future (when you add lights and heat, when the plant gets big)

    I suppose it will be okay for the first 2-3 weeks, I just wouldnt keep it
  6. the fishtank is honestly just to make it neater, keep the plants and dirt and water inside it, as well as a support for the lights. The pots have growing rocks on bottom along with little trays that pull out for drainage.

    Can anyone suggest some relatively good nutes to use for the plants and when to use them?

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