Still Stoned After 3 Hours

Discussion in 'General' started by TheY2K, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. im still stoned 3 hours after smoking lol. Im surprised as hell lol
  2. What have you been smoking?

    Lol but really I only get that from hash
  3. newwwwwwwwwwwwww RECOOOOOOORRRDDDD

  4. Lol i honestly dont kno the strand, but im pretty sure its a hybrid. Cuz i STILL feel the high lol, i hv a gd body high goin. Its da longest ive ever been high after almost 4 hours, n im enjoyin every minute
  5. Hah that happened to me when I smoked an eighth in like 30 minutes. Keep in mind I'm a lightweight. I woke up the next morning still stoned
  6. What? N how did u smoke it?

  7. Lol dats crazy i couldnt do that. Its 8:30 am n im still up lol

  8. Jus rolled a joint, but keep in mind dat i was on a 3 week tolerance before smokin it
  9. Nice!!

  10. NICE is da way im feelin lol, i think imma go sleep now, n keep u ppl posted!
  11. every time i smoke sour d that happens
  12. Man, i only gt about 2 hrs of sleep for the day, but im comin down VERY slowly, n i still hv a decent body high goin after 9 hours of smokin da joint. The herb is lovely haha
  13. That's happened to me a few times with really potent indicas. Even with a tolerance a strong indica will put me on my ass for 2hrs plus

  14. Damn my *****, i wish it was 2 hrs for me. I think i smoked some sativa strain. I was at my peak high for about 4 hrs, n now it has been a consistent body high :hello:
  15. UPDATE:
    I went to walmart to get a few goodies for da munchies. N some random guy asked me if i wanted weed! In a fuckin walmart! I was like nuh im gd, n he was like "just in case u need some for the future". At dis point im gettin frustrated, so i told him to "leave me da fuck alone". Im a tall well built guy, so i think he was threatened by me. N then he was like "aite bro my bad, so he blurts out his number n says "if u call, ask for memphis". So i jus walked away laughin n got some klondike bars to soothe the pain. Haha wat an interesting day, if u want more of wat happened in walmart ask away. Somethin else happened as well lol
  16. What else happened?
  17. Haha i like how im keepin u entertained.

    Well i rolled another joint b4 i left to walmart so all this was after me bein HIGH! So after the sketchy guy, i did a lil more shoppin, n went to the cashier who happened to be paki (no hate there is a purpose to this). Well she finished scannin everything n told me my total, so i swiped my card for debit, but somethin wierd happened wid my pin. So i told her can u make it credit, she then tells me to swipe again n i did but no change. So then i locked out the whole cashier's machine n had to pay cash which i didnt hv. So my roommate paid, n then i got frustrated to the point of her tellin me i stole da card. Then i gt pissed n told her she should learn english so she can learn wat credit was n walked away pissed! So that was my complete trip to walmart STONED after a 3 week break. Haha im eatin my klondike bar n thinking how amazing today was lol.
  18. that's fucking low of him

    asking people in walmart if they need weed because his business sucks that bad
  19. My highs last for 3 hours on average. If I take a whole blunt to the face on my own it can last 4!

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