Still stinking with filter. what now?

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  1. buddy of mine has some og kush growing and the air coming from the carbon filter still stinks and the plants are STILL IN VEG! Of course the room that the tent is in stinks which is not as large of a problem as the air outside of the house smelling. He has a brand new 425 cfm growbright carbon filter (filter connected directly to fan to fan to ducting to reflector to ducting and out). Would upgrading to a much nicer fliter such as a mountain air fliter do the trick or would it be better to buy a ozone generator and place it inside the tent? Any help would be much appreciated. thanks guys!
  2. Are you extracting the air out of the grow area into the wider world? Ozone is a poison so you don't want it in the tent, if you use one it'd be in the duct between the tent and the outside world

  3. the air blows into a crawl space under his house
  4. In which case you prob don't want to get ozone involved. How much air does the fan shift? Did you make sure to get a high enough powered extractor for your space? How big is your grow area?

  5. grow space: 4x4x7 tent.

    6" GrowBright 424cfm Inline Fan.

    Weight: 12 lbs (7.6 lbs of Activated Carbon)
    CFM: 265 min - 425 max
    Flange: 6 inches
    Diameter: 9½ inches
    Length: 18 Inches
  6. the more and more reviews I read say that the growbright fan is good but the filter is garbage... Looking to spend around 200 bucks or less on a new nice filter.
  7. Don't really know much about the different brands of filters, only ever owned one. Defo a dif in the refill carbon I've bought. I've never had probs if extraction is good, those spces seem fine and comparable to what I've used for a while. Have stayed away from stinky strains due to where I live.
  8. Dude with all due respect.... plants are growing outside with out any problems...Levels of ozon must be way higher then they are in the normal air to have any harm on human or plant....
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    3 Reasons why it is stinks :
    1) Shitty Chinese made filter.
    2) Old filter which must be replaced asap.
    3) No negative pressure in the room (holes,fresh air intakes are too big)
    P.S.Do you run your filter 24/7 or couple of times a day?
  10. Hey man thanks for the reply to the thread. The filter is actually brand new, say maybe 6 weeks old, but I have learned from gc that it is a total piece of crap. It does get ran 24 hours a day, the fan sucks the sides of the tent in so I would say there is neg pressure inside the tent. Intake is a passive intake that comes in thru a filtered screen in the bottom of the tent. Any suggestions of a new filter or solutions would be awesome! thanks again bud
  11. If you're extracting to a crawl space and not into the outside world, I'd say that that there's the risk of accumulation.

    Unless you live in a very polluted city or 20km above sea level, natural ozone levels are not high at all. Thank God.

    File:Atmospheric ozone.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Try PHRESH filter . I have 3x3x6 tent (DR90) and during the last month of flowering I ran my PHRESH filter 24/7 , no odor at all .
    P.S.Getting a better filter will solve your odor problem.
    P.P.S. It comes with prefilter , so there is no need to buy one.

  13. any good sites to buy them from? htgsupply doesn't carry them, i usually go with them
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  15. i keep hearing a lot of ppl saying the can filters are better than the presh. any thoughts on that?
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    I have not use CAN filters , but I know their fans are one of the best on the market .I would assume that filters are good too.
    The only down side of the CAN filter is (as you can see from the video), that you have to install flange to be able to connect filter to the fan. With Phresh filter(flange already build in) you just slide filter in to the fan (I use Vortex) and seal it with the tape (You can see the way I attached mine . Pictures in my journal).[ame=""][/ame]
  17. depends which version of can you get... some are better than others...

    cant really go wrong with either... the can lite's come with the flange... but don't confuse the lite with light... they are not light... super mega heavy... but the rumor was can was offering a two year warantee with a purchase... I searched but couldn't find it...

    Carbon Scrubber Filters

    I own the can lite 8" from this site... works mega awesome... but like i said its heavy, but I don't mind...

    its also cheaper on this site
  18. i have can 4" in my veg room n rhino 6"a in my bloom i also just bought a fresh cupple weeks ago 6"lL they r all good but methinks that the new fresh line r better the air is clean anough to pump it into my bedroom for heating its that clean that said the others have all been grate n its jack i grow we all know how that smells lol never skimp om cjep stuff it is a risk i carnt afford to do. peace

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