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  1. So I've been clean from coke now for about two monts after an affair lasting years. The last stuff I had was extreamly pure. Soo good. Well to some it would have been. I wasn't really enjoying it anymore. Long time addicts hear me on this one.

    But recently at night and in the morning I've been smelling it. Like when you open up that little bag filled with white and you smell that faint aroma. Like some say smells almost like pickles, I can't describe it. Cocaine has a truly unique smell to it. But I get the smell in my nose. Almost like I took an empty bag up to my nose or just sniffed the sent from above a gram. It is so strong. She's calling for me back. It hurts so much to tell her no. Damn white lady. This is why cocaine, to me, can be classified with heroin. I haven't had my veins feeling like there's a needle in em since kicking H. But still those are the worst withdrawls I've ever experienced. I really don't know how long this staying clean thing is going to work. I guess I had fucked up my life too much with em. And I just don't feel any better at all like some recovering addicts say they do feel better bout themselves or in the mind. Fuck.

    Anyone else have this problem ever.
  2. dude the last time I did any powder was a year and a few months and I still occasionally smell that just like you said.. Its very faint but noticable enough to make me like I should get a bag next time I get 100 bucks of free money to spend
  3. Yeah I get it so strong, like that's all I can smell. It's terrible. I don't think it's in a way my body being reprogramed or something like that where my mind makes me think I'm smellling this because it's so used to it. But in the last while I was using a lot at bight just so after I could almost relax and fall asleep. Weird I know cuz it's a stimulant. But that's drugs for ya.
  4. Anyone else with the same dilema? It's night time. The smell is back. And oh so strong. My dealers number is all over the place, and my phone is right next to me. If I try I can actually hear the voice in my head being the phone, pick me up, call get yourself 'picked up'. There's a bag of white somewhere calling for me. Luckly my guy has no connections for hard anymore. Oh dear me. That would be bad. I'm just trying to occupy as much time doing anything I can to avoid dialing that ol firmilar number.
  5. Pm Bleezie_King he will know whats up lol.
  6. You gotta tell yourself no and fight that shit hard. I deleted my dealer's # and tossed all the expendable shit left over that reminded me of it (baggies, straws, needles, etc.) and never looked back.

    Find something to take your mind off that shit (other than other drugs), it's just about all you can do for a while.
  7. cocaine is a hell of a drug, seriously. im assuming u already no that tho.
  8. my friend keeps telling me my room smells like cocaine. and he starts getting twitchy and shit for it. so yeah i can understand you feeling like you smell coke.
  9. That's the thing that makes it weird though. I don't know if I actually am smelling the scent because I know it's not around. Or if I'm just imagining it. If that's the case then I have amazing sensory imagination cuz the smell is exact.

    Yeah cocaine is one helluva drug. Yuck. Stay away or moderate if you are reading this and considering trying or are using.
  10. Your thinking about it and having it on your mind is what's making you smell it. Anytime I start talking/thinking about coke I get that sour, dank, pickle smell up in my nostrils and start feeling a little skeeted.

    The mind is an amazing thing.
  11. I don't know this smell, just thought of something that might help.. like any sprays or like scented candles or anything maybe? I don't know if this would help, but just a suggestion, or if you have a fireplace make a fire? or like vicks vapor rub..

    Stay Strong..
  12. replace it with the smell of herb smoke!:smoking:

    "Whether you think you can or you cant, your right!"
  13. sense of smell is the strongest sense tied to memories, smells can invoke memories and memories can invoke smells.

    This is because we evolved to use our smell and touch long before we developed complex vision capability.
    Smell is particularly linked to memories because it was often a way to detect danger. Just like when a cat see's somebody they go up and smell them to see if they smell ok or not.
  14. keep it goin, you've worked so hard to stay clean for the last 2 months, just imagine how terrible you'll feel if it all comes crashing down and you find yourself back in that cycle. just keep your eye on the light at the end of the tunnel, it may seem faint and distant, but it's there, and it will seem brighter the closer you get to freedom. the cravings will always be there, but the more you tell yourself no, the easier it will be the next time, you just need to stay strong
  15. Cocaine has terrified me, ever since i had this hookup for the real shit.
    never before have i heard voices in my head telling me it's alright to do something whenever, do it now, that's what makes you feel good! that 'somethin' bein the white lady stealing your fuckin soul right out from under you.
    i went through a brief addiction to oxycodone, and however bad the urges were with that they weren't anything like what the white lady did to me..she fucking raped me..then whispered to me about having her rape me some more..and boy i'd want that again as soon as fuckin possible. i'd hang out with these people that were all doing coke just because i knew i could score some lines off them. i'd just sit around waiting pretty much for someone to break me out a's all about the next line..glad i haven't touched that shit in almost a year now.
    one day i realized what this drug was doing, and how it's all i could think about so i just kicked it pretty much.
    i won and beat that fucking white lady to a pulp, she ain't rapin' me no more.
  16. like has been said cocaine is one hell of a drug and this shit is my number 1 for cravings it jjust does that to you you taste it smell it
    i feel high as shit just thinking the right way then its gone and i wanna get some damn coke
    i doubt i ever will again tho

  17. Keep that feeling. And if you ever are gonna use it again and it won't be for just once, def look over this thread or the many other posts of beatin the white bitch.
  18. i still smell heroin sometimes. its your mind fucking with you.

  19. Heroin is terrible too. I still imagine feeling it rushing through my viens. I can't look at a spood without thinking how to ready a shot.

    But coke. Wow this thing orally controlls your mind if you've been letting it already for some years. It's....undescribable. Sucks so much. I feel for anyone else whos ever beaten or struggled through addictions. Respect them even though most people see them as scum.
  20. once addicted, always addicted

    even once you'll have memories about it... and subtle thoughts about it

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